Full day of water and bugs on Honeygrove creek and the Mary’s river with Arne and his crew. Students met for a morning briefing with Doug Bateman on salmonid biology and habitat and then off to the field.


Words of Water Wisdom from Arne and Doug. Final instructions before being sent off to map salmonid habitat. Each group had their own section to map after learning about different habitat mapping units; Pools, riffles and glides.

IMG_0206_1  Colin is about to discover that pool is deeper than he thought

IMG_0207_1    IMG_0208_1 Our classroom for the water day. I know, right, but someone has to do it!

About noon, we had a visit from Bill Gerth, the forest entomologist and after a brief intro on aquatic invertabrates he set the students off on a collection/identification mission. Like kids at Christmas, Bugs and toys to play with

IMG_0209 IMG_0210

Up next…. Marys River to study water discharge…… I believe water is starting to discharge from the sky!

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