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Transformative Field Ecology Courses Summer 2021 in Northwest Montana USA

Looking for field ecology studies for summer 2021? GET OUT HERE to northwest Montana’s Crown of the Continent for an academic adventure and immersive field ecology courses at University of Montana’s FLATHEAD LAKE BIOLOGICAL STATION!

SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT . . . Get out here!  (Ctrl+Click for Video) 

FOR TRANSFORMATIVE FIELD ECOLOGY COURSES consider summer 2021 courses at University of Montana’s Flathead Lake Biological Station. The summer academic program emphasizes experiential learning through direct observation of biota and ecological processes plus hands-on activities in a research-intensive atmosphere.

Courses listed below in aquatic and terrestrial realms run June 21 through August 13, 2021 and will be of interest to students ranging from sophomores-to-be to upper division undergrads to early grad students.

5 credit course, undergraduate credit

BIOE 342 Field Ecology (Jim Elser & Diana Six)                   6/21-7/16

3 credit courses, undergraduate or graduate credit

BIOE 400 Aquatic Microbial Ecology (Matt Church)           6/21–7/2

BIOE 440 Conservation Ecology (Gordon Luikart)               7/5–7/16

BIOE 416 Alpine Ecology (Wendy Ridenour)                       7/19-7/30

BIOE 439 Stream Ecology (Bob Hall)                                    7/19-7/30

BIOE 453 Lake Ecology (Shawn Devlin)                                8/2-8/13

BIOE 458 Forest & Fire Ecology (Andrew Larson)                8/2-8/13

At FLBS, students benefit from low student-faculty ratio, great facilities, a dedicated support staff, outstanding instructors, and academics influenced by synergism of multidisciplinary research and education. Students describe their time at FLBS as transformative with a judicious share of scholarly fun and camaraderie. Credits earned at FLBS are transferable to most college and university degree programs. Many scholarships are available and a high percentage of applicants receive awards.

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Submit an application by Friday, January 15, 2021 for the $100 early application discount.

QUESTIONS? Call 1-406-872-4515 (Marie Kohler) or email

More about Summer Session–Beginning in 1899, the Flathead Lake Biological Station of the University of Montana has been offering transformative field ecology courses in spectacular western Montana. A century ago, the Station persisted through the Spanish Flu and we are now working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, we had to cancel summer session during 2020 (for the first time since World War II). we are presently cautiously optimistic, given progress on vaccines (hooray for science!) and increased access to testing, that we will convene summer session in 2021, although with special precautions as needed.   The Station is located on the east shore of Flathead Lake, ~85 miles north of Missoula, Montana, USA.

JOIN US next summer for an academic adventure and great scholarly fun in the “Crown of the Continent” in Northwest Montana. Jim Elser, Director, Flathead Lake Biological Station, Bierman Professor of Ecology, University of Montana,  Twitter: @DrLimnology

Applied Ergonomics – H494/594 available 2021 Winter Term

New Winter Term Class – BA/WSE 399 Creating New Value From Wood

A new class focusing on basic principles of product and brand development and apply them to one of Oregon’s most sustainable crops, wood and wood products. We will also discuss the role of design in product development and the process by which a new product goes from concept to production. Students will work in teams to develop and present their product proposals to a panel of industry professionals at the end of the term.
BA/WSE 399
Chuck Toombs, Co-Instructor – Marketing, College of Business
Phil Mann, Co-Instructor – Wood Science & Engineering, College of Forestry

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