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The Academic Success Center (ASC) has many diverse programs and ways to help students at OSU succeed, take a peek below at what they have to offer! At the CoF, we wanted to make sure that you all knew what resources are out there for help and give you the best up to date information to assist in learning and success during your time at OSU. The ASC is located in 125 Waldo Hall on the OSU-Corvallis campus, be sure to stop by sooner rather than later 🙂

ALS 116: Academic Success Course:

They have one section of ALS 116 via Ecampus, and three sections on the Corvallis campus. They continue to see students who pass the class average a GPA increase of about .6 GPA points – what a great selling point for students wanting to improve! As a reminder, even when sections fill, they often have space for students referred to the course by an academic advisor; just email Marjorie (email below).

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Study Tables:

SI is supporting the following courses this term: BA 211, BA 213, BI 212, BI 232, CH 201, CH 202, CH 232, MTH 251, and PH 202. Their new registration system is making waitlists go smoothly, but they still encourage students to register early to maximize the benefit they can get from SI. Also, encourage we encourage students to look out for SI exam reviews!

Transfer Consults: Their team of student strategists will be offering “Transfer consults” again at the beginning of the term. They have a packet of success-related tools and can help students identify specific resources that will ease your transition to OSU. You can find more information about the event here.

Academic Coaching changes:

This past fall they reworked their coaching model a bit to promote ongoing work with an academic coach. As a result, almost a quarter of the students they worked with came in for three or more appointments. They are still doing some analysis but this pattern is exciting and they believe it’ll show greater impact!

Restock your ASC materials:

They have replenished their ASC brochures, a new design of large cards, and academic coaching business cards. If you need some, let them know!

Program or Service Contact Information
Academic Coaching 45-minute appointments available to schedule online Website: http://success.oregonstate.edu/academic-coaching   Schedule online with reminders: http://bitly.com/getcoachedOSU Contact: Clare Creighton, Director 541-737-7971 Clare.Creighton@oregonstate.edu
ALS 116: Academic Success Course 3 on-campus sections for Winter 2020 M/W @ 10 am, M/W @ 1 pm, T/R @ 10 am + 1 Ecampus section Course Catalog – Available Sections For overrides, contact: Marjorie Coffey, Coordinator 541-737-6942 Marjorie.Coffey@oregonstate.edu
Strategists http://success.oregonstate.edu/student-strategists Drop in Hours, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5pm   Waldo Hall, Room 125 – the ASC Main office ASC Main Office line: 541-737-2272 Contact: Anika Lautenbach, Program Lead 541-737-3760 Anika.Lautenbach@oregonstate.edu
Supplemental Instruction Supporting BA 213,BI 213, BI 233, BI 333, CH 202, CH 233, MTH 251, PH 203 Information & Registration via the SI website: http://success.oregonstate.edu/supplemental-instruction  Contact: Chris Gasser, Coordinator 541-737-3762 Chris.Gasser@oregonstate.edu
Workshops, Presentations, & Staff Training/Meetings Workshop request form & menu Contact: Sarah Norek, Outreach & Education 541-737-6587 Sarah.Norek@oregonstate.edu
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