Accessibility Info

Hi! Your local host team—Shari Clough, Lisa Fernandez, and Jessica Clemons, with the guidance of Stephanie Jenkins—have toured the conference hotel with disability and universal design issues in mind and the staff have been enthusiastic in meeting our requests and needs.

Lisa and Jessica have prepared a series of photos of the conference hotel, highlighting accessibility features. You can download it here: FEMMSS2018HotelAccessibilityGuide

You can also download a complete floor plan of the conference hotel here: FEMMSS 2018 MarriotFloorplan

Some of the conference participants have indicated food allergies of varying severity. All of the food served is vegan. As of July 22, we have been in contact with everyone who has alerted us of a concern not covered by the vegan standard. Thank you!

With the help of the hotel staff we have prepared a list of ingredients of all the food served at the conference. It is a guide only of course – we have done the best we can but caution should still be exercised.

You can download the ingredients document here: FEMMS2018FoodList

Additional accessibility notes:

We will have ASL interpreters at the Keynote Address on Weds. evening, Aug. 1. 

All presenters at the conference sessions will be using a microphone.

We will have gender neutral restrooms available and well-signed.

The hotel is ensuring that scent-free cleaners are used when possible and that scent-free hand soap be available in restroom facilities.

Will you be using a wheelchair at the conference? If so could you let us know? That would be great!  Email Lisa Fernandez ( at your earliest convenience. The more notice we get, the more care we can take in planning for your comfort and mobility.

Is there anything else we can provide to increase accessibility and to make your conference experience  less stressful, please don’t hesitate to ask! Email Lisa Fernandez ( at your earliest convenience.

Deadlines have passed for these options:

We may also be able to secure childcare options. Would you benefit from having childcare available? If so please email me at at your earliest convenience (by June 15 would be best).

If you would benefit from having ASL interpreters available at other conference sessions please email me at at your earliest convenience (by June 15 would be best).

See you soon!

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