OSU Extension must have an effective, engaging web presence to remain relevant and successful in an increasingly digital world. This is a critical moment for our OSU Extension family of websites. OSU has begun to move to a new version of Drupal (our web content management system), and we need to do so as well. We are using this opportunity to reimagine what our web presence can be, what it should do, and how we manage it most effectively.

This project overlaps with larger organizational and university initiatives, including content strategy, customer relationship management, and business models that could be game-changers for Extension. With help from a committed, forward-thinking steering committee and support from our leadership team, we planned and are working with content teams of faculty and staff from across the organization to create a new web presence that will engage, inform, and delight our diverse audiences.

What this project is: A bold and different approach to our online content, and a tangible next step toward an integrated digital strategy.

What this project isn’t: A simple redesign (same stuff in a prettier wrapper).

Guiding principles: User-focused (customers, public, learners), data and demand driven, efficiency

Project documents

  • OSU Extension website status report (5/29/2018): View the status report
  • Strategy Report (7/31/2016): View the full report (executive summary on pages 1-3). In the Strategy Report, we shared recommended strategies—and important considerations—with O&E executive team for the purpose of making decisions that will guide development and implementation. See strategies at a glance for an overview of approved commitments, criteria, and strategies.
  • Discovery Report (5/6/2016): View the full report or executive summary. The Discovery Report is intended to identify the signposts that will help us re-imagine what our web presence could be, what it should do, and how we manage it most effectively.
  • OSU Extension website upgrade plan (2/4/2016): View the upgrade plan.
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