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On behalf of the Navigator team and others in EESC, just a quick “thank you” to all who had conversations with us, stopped by our table, or simply listened in on the exciting ways in which we have been working to empower digital engagement for Extension in 2019.

What is Navigator? Navigator is a customer-focused system to engage Oregonians and deliver information across multiple channels

In case you missed one of our teams’ sessions, or were looking for a way to rekindle some of the excitement building up around what was presented, here are some downloadable presentation materials we think can help you build ideas for digital engagement in your program area or office.


1. DIY Extension Marketing

Michele Scheib, Ann Marie Murphy, Chris Branum, Nicole Strong

Creating awareness of the value of Extension and recruiting participants and volunteers is often top of mind and can be a challenge for Extension offices and programs. This session shared tools, ideas and experience to help market Extension in your county and region from a variety of people and perspectives.

Download presentation

From the Extension Website User Guide


2. Extension Website Lightning Talks

Bryan Mayjor, Amerie Lommen, Michele Scheib, Jen Holt, Mark Kindred

The Extension website is more powerful than many realize. In this session, we presented short lightning talks on tips and tricks for using the Extension website and related tools, reporting impact (including Digital Measures), best practices and requirements for web content (including accessibility for visitors with disabilities), and news about upcoming milestones in Extension’s digital strategy, including CRM development.

Download presentation



3. Building a CRM Practice in Extension Programs: the How & the Why

Mark Kindred, Carrie Berger, Daniel Leavell

The Extension Service is scaling up its use of CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) software as a digital tool to increase efficiency and strengthen productivity. For each program across Extension, the scope and scale of a CRM practice will differ. This presentation highlighted the steps undertaken to assess, plan, and implement a CRM practice using Salesforce. Learn what worked, what didn’t, and why this digital solution was necessary for helping the program achieve its goals.

Download presentation



4. Who Did What? Simple Secrets to Effective Writing

Jim Sloan and Janet Donnelly

This humorous, interactive session described the basic rules for writing for a general audience. We covered how to outline your material, how to structure sentences and paragraphs, and how to develop a writing style that engages and entertains readers. This session is helpful and inspirational to anyone in Extension who writes material for a lay audience.

Download presentation



5. Extension Efficiency and
Growth Opportunities

Amerie Lommen, Xenia Velasco, Mark Kindred, Jeff Sherman, KJ Knight, Kevin Leahy, Raul Burriel

A panel that helped foster ideas for social resilience and growth mindset, intergenerational marketing, community engagement, sustainable growth, keeping up meeting and event attendance within the community, reaching the next generation, and more!

Download presentation


About the Navigator digital engagement team. In the coming months, many of you will hear from me as I produce a long-term CRM strategy for OSU Extension. I look forward to talking with you and ensuring the CRM plans are in alignment with the business needs of your unit and the long-term vision of the university. The Navigator team is looking forward to talking with you about how digital engagement is aligned with your work and can provide new benefits.
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