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PFLA Discussion

How can the Professional Faculty Leadership Association (PFLA) help grow your own skills, connections and career? Join us on Wednesday, June 24, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for an interactive discussion and opportunity to connect. All OSU Extension professional faculty are especially invited to join! Non-members: Please contact Gretchen Dursch, PFLA Director of Professional Development to register & receive the ZOOM link.

Addition to the OSU Extension Catalog

EM 9247, The Home Ignition Zone: Protecting Your Property from Wildfire
Max Bennett, Clint Nichols
New. Wildfire is inevitable — learn what you need to know to prepare your home and property. Handy worksheets help you assess each zone of your property to reduce the threat wildfires pose. This publication is one of a series of Land Steward Rural Resource Guidelines.

New Food Preservation Marketing Tools and Initiatives

As the season for food preservation kicks into high gear, new tools are available that can be customized by county. Look for the “Food Preservation Tips” and “Safe Canning Do’s and Don’ts” brochures and a “Food Preservation – Help you can rely on” flyer in Box. You’ll find them in the Extension and AES/Marketing Templates, Tools and Inspiration/Templates/Food Preservation Templates folder. Consider sharing them with local retailers that sell food preservation supplies. For accessibility, Word documents with larger print are available. Spanish translations also are being explored.

Bi-Mart stores throughout Oregon now have OSU Extension resources and food preservations tip signage located in stores wherever food preservation supplies are for sale. Wilco will be sharing copies of the “Food Preservation Tips” brochure at each of their 15 Oregon locations. The brochures provide local Extension office contact information. EESC will keep a close eye on catalog and website metrics to gauge the impact of the promotions. This visibility for OSU Extension food preservation is thanks to the creative thinking of Family and Community Health faculty members Nellie Oehler and Jillian Drewes both with Extension in Lane County.

Updates: OSU Extension Professional Development Fund

Next Application Deadline — August 1, 2020

The next quarterly deadline for Extension Professional Development Funds is August 1st. Applications that will be considered must be submitted BEFORE the deadline and BEFORE the professional development opportunity.

  • “Growing the Endowment Fund”

Extension faculty and staff may help “GROW the Fund” at any time during the year. Keep the following in mind:

  • The principal of the OSU Extension Professional Development Fund is an endowment.
  • The earnings from the endowment feeds into the current-use-fund.
  • Each quarter, the amount in the current-use-fund pays for the professional development requests selected for funding.
  • The fund supports on average, about 100-160 different professional development opportunities a year.

The two ways individuals may currently contribute throughout the year are:

  • Through payroll deduction (deductions could range from $5.00 a month to any larger amount)
  • Through individual contributions (payable by check or credit card)
  • Either of these types of contributions may be processed on-line through the OSU Foundation at:
  • Contributions may be made to the endowment as you complete the on-line process. Be sure to note the following information when completing the on-line process section called Gift Information (where it asks which program you would like your gift to support—please enter the following number and fund name): 6220-820450 OSU Extension Professional Development Fund.

Professional Development Resources

Please check out the upcoming statewide professional development sessions, plenty of interesting sessions, past, present and future here.
Sessions for this week are:

Wednesday, June 24 @ 11:00 am: Envision Extension
Friday, June 26 @ 10:30 am: Ask Anita: A weekly connection opportunity

Navigator Digital Strategy Update

The resources in today’s blog are those that help us with those wide-distribution digital communications we rely on from time to time. We are talking about enewsletters.

Diversity Highlights

Please contact with any questions, and if you have suggestions for Diversity Highlights content.

Statewide Events & Resources

Addressing Anti-Blackness on Campus: Implications for Educators and Institutions
Wednesday, June 24, 2:00 p.m. In this webinar, presenters from the Equity Institute, Peralta Community College and CORA Learning will address tangible strategies for addressing anti-Blackness in schools, colleges, and universities. All educators and institutions looking for concrete strategies and next steps should attend.

Addressing Racism Through Youth Voice: Corvallis Boys & Girls Club recording
On June 15, BGCC hosted the “Addressing Racism Through Youth Voice” Zoom panel to share the realities of local youth experiencing racism and discrimination in Corvallis schools and communities.

Juneteenth Oregon 155th Anniversary livestream recording
The Juneteenth Oregon Celebration was founded 45 years ago by the late and beloved community leader Clara Peoples. Peoples introduced the tradition, from Muskogee, Oklahoma, to her co-workers at the Kaiser Shipyards in Portland after learning it was unknown in this part of the country. Visit the event webpage for a recording of musical preformances, speakers and interviews, and to learn more about the history and future of the event.

DEI In the News

Corvallis resident addresses rotary club on history of racism, how to be better allies (Gazette-Times)
“Growing up in Corvallis, I didn’t necessarily experience racism,” he said. “I experienced this other thing called ignorance.” A white girl in his Hoover Elementary School class told him he’d make more friends if he bleached his skin. She didn’t know what she said was racist. Neither did Carson, until years later. But that day, he ran to the bathroom and cried because her words hurt all the same.

Governor, senators, others react to U.S. Supreme Court ruling (KTVZ)
Oregon State University President Edward J. Ray released the following statement about the opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Are We Really Serious About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? (Diverse Edu Views)
While I believe that most faculty members and leaders, no matter their race or ethnicity, value diversity and are committed to the concepts of equity and inclusion — and may even have specific goals to improve diversity — progress is stalled. Actions do not seem to match rhetoric. The question is, are we in higher education truly sincere in what we say about the value of diversity, equity and inclusion?

Extension in the News

Two pesticides found to shorten bee’s lifespan
New Food
Honeybees might be exposed indirectly through pesticide drift, said study co-author Ramesh Sagili, associate professor of apiculture and honeybee Extension specialist in OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Leaders working on modified plan to hold fair youth activities
Blue Mountain Eagle
Grant County Oregon Extension Office/4-H is working on modified plans to hold livestock auctions and youth activities that work within the Phase 2 state guidelines, 4-H Coordinator Bonni Booth said Monday.

UPDATED: HR Co. Fair will be 4-H, FFA event
Hood River News
As for 4-H and FFA events, Rice said, “We feel it is important to uphold long time community traditions, as well as give the youth in our community the opportunity to showcase their 4-H and FFA projects that they have worked so hard to prepare for fair.”

Deschutes County Fair…on a smaller scale
The Bulletin
Candi Bothum, the coordinator for the Deschutes County 4-H program, is trying to make it happen for the kids this year — though as a “mini-fair” that looks much different.

Farmers’ market set to launch Sunday for first of six weekends in Philomath
The Philomath Express
“I think the big thing is if folks want to see it in the future, this year is the year to show up and shop here and show us that you want this in your community,” said Pami Monnette, a steering committee member who works with the Oregon State University Extension Service’s Small Farms program.

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