Fleet Week

Last weekend was Fleet Week in San Francisco California. Fleet Week is a week-long celebration of the US Armed Forces that revolves around the Navy. There are three main attractions that fill up most days of the week. First are the fleet week parades, both of ships and bands, but I’ve never watched either. Next… Continue reading Fleet Week

First Week

This week we were all assigned to our capstone project groups. And, with some persistence, I managed to get the project that I was hoping for: Using Ocean-Going Robots to Observe Wave Conditions. I have been in contact with the project’s sponsors since week 0, however. And I am currently waiting for one of them… Continue reading First Week

What Got Me Here

  Hey, I wanted to start this capstone blog about something important. You see, ever since middle school, I have found learning new things to be easy. Ok, maybe not easy, but at least easier than they appear to be for my family. But this always confused me. I am not particularly smart. So then,… Continue reading What Got Me Here

Hello world!

Welcome to blogs.oregonstate.edu. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!