Week 10: International Assignment

If I were offered an international assignment, there would be a lot of factors to consider. First, I would consider the duration of the assignment. Would it be a long-term or short-term assignment? This is a big deal, because this will determine how much the move will disrupt my current life.

After considering how long I will be working internationally, I would heavily determine the compensation plan that my company is offering me. The compensation plan would have to make the move worth it to me. For me personally, the base salary plus incentives must end up being higher than my current salary and incentives. I would not want to pick up my life and move to a different country without a clear monetary benefit. Additionally, the compensation must be appropriate for the cost of living in whichever country I move to.

After considering the base salary and incentives, I would look into the allowances, the expatriate incentives, and the benefits offered to me. I would prefer that my company grant me allowances to cover the difference between the cost of living in this new country versus my home. I would love to receive some enhanced benefits from my company, especially those such as relocation assistance and home leave and travel reimbursement. Moving away from home would be hard on me, so I would need the assistance.

Lastly, I would look into the repatriation plan that my company has for me. I do not want to come back to my home country and feel out of place. I would be more inclined to take this assignment if I knew I was returning to a career development programs or even the ability to use my new experiences and knowledge in my work.

If all of these things that I mentioned are offered to me, I would more than likely be willing to take this assignment. I want to see that the benefits of taking this assignment will outweigh any potential costs.


Strategic Compensation: Chapters 13 & 14

Week 10 Lectures

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