Week 5: Job Posting

I looked into a job posting by a company called Total Quality Logistics. The job posting was for an entry-level sales representative position in Portland, Oregon. The job description provides that I will make calls and establish relationships with customers, arrange freight movements, negotiate prices, manage shipments, and provide honesty and integrity in my work. The position prefers candidates to have a degree, but it is not required. The position requires a hard working individual who can manage conflict, negotiate well, work well with technology, and provide great customer service. The starting pay for this position is $40,000 with uncapped commission, however, the job posting states that pay varies based on location. As I was recently offered another job in Portland with the same starting salary, I was able to assume the pay for this job would be similar. Additionally, I researched the average salary for sales representatives, and found that it is around $45,000. I would assume that the pay range for entry level sales positions would be between $36,000 and $49,000 in Portland, Oregon. Considering my own background, experience, and qualifications, I would expect at least $40,000 as a base salary, along with commission. I think my knowledge and work ethic make me a great candidate. I have a lot of potential for success in a role like this. However, I would not expect a higher wage, as it would be my first sales job upon graduating with my business degree. If they were to interview me and ask what my pay expectations are, I would tell them that I expect at least $40,000 base salary. In other words, I would likely say I expect a range between $40,000 and $47,000. I would not go lower than $40,000, because then they might take advantage of that lower number. I would want at least $40,000 to account for the relatively high cost of living in Portland. Additionally, I have the qualifications expected of candidates, will have my degree in business, and am a great worker. I know that I will have room for improvement within the company, especially after proving to them what value I can bring to the company. As an entry-level position, it would be hard to ask for any more than $40,000, as I have not yet had the chance to prove my talent to the company.




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