Week 1

My oldest sister has been a recruiter since graduating from Oregon State with a management degree. In her previous recruiting job position, she was offered a management position in which she would no longer be recruiting. Instead, she would be managing a group of recruiters for the company. My sister is very talented at recruiting and finds it very rewarding. However, she accepted this promotion solely due to the increase in compensation. She ultimately regretted taking the position and left the company for a different recruiting position. This goes to show that an increased level of compensation will not always make a decision worth it. She was unhappy and did not feel as successful in her job. I think the most common reason that people accept higher job positions is because of the compensation that comes with it. My sister wanted a higher level of pay because she wanted to be able to afford more and save up to eventually buy a home. For most people, as soon as they see that they could have an increase in compensation, they become blinded to the red flags about making the decision. This is something that I’ve always tried to be aware of. Money is a huge motivating factor to most people and contributes greatly to their decision making processes. My sister definitely learned a lesson in this situation. Moving forward, she will most likely never let compensation factors outweigh her potential happiness and success in a position.

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