Jeff Sherman, Assistant Director, OSU Extension Service, Strategic Innovation and OSU Open Campus Program Leader, joined Vice Provost Scott Reed this month to highlight a program based on educational and family partnerships: Juntos. More than 1,400 Juntos families are expected to visit the OSU Corvallis campus on May 11 for Family Day. Volunteers are needed for Family Day! Find out details at

The Carnegie Foundation application for the elective community engagement classification will highlight 15 community partnerships. Share the innovative community partnerships you are most proud of by making a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “The Importance of Partnerships

  1. Solve Pest Problems – partnership with the community

    The purpose of Solve Pest Problems is to reduce the impacts of pests and pest management practices in non-agricultural settings on people and the environment. The resource will be built in Spanish and English and will address inequities in access to unbiased, science-based pest management information.

    This program stems from a collaborative vision to address a gap in effective information delivery about pest management and to include diverse stakeholders in the development of content and technology as well as marketing, outreach, and evaluation. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to this effort, which is led by OSU in collaboration with partner agencies and community members.

  2. Mid-Valley Food Summit – partnering with community organizations to focus on local food systems and resiliency

    Every two years, OSU Extension joins the Marion-Polk Food Share, Willamette University, and many other local organizations to bring the community together around food. The point of these summits is to connect eaters, growers, distributors, food pantries, restaurants, and people from all aspects of the food system, right here in Marion and Polk Counties. Past summits have attracted around 150 attendees who spend the day connecting over opportunities to learn about selling wholesale to restaurants, local farm worker efforts, getting local food into schools, food pantry nutrition programs, and more. The most noteworthy aspect of the summits was the attendance from rural communities across Marion and Polk counties, not just Salem residents – thanks in large part to the community FEAST conversations that MPFS started back in 2015.


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