President Ed Ray and Eastern Regional Director Natalie Kinion joined Vice Provost Scott Reed at the Pendleton Roundup to talk about the value of community connections through Extension. Both spoke about connecting with local communities as an essential role of Extension and that of Regional Director, and also Extension’s role as a bridge between communities and Oregon State University.

Join in the discussion by posting in the comments below. Share with colleagues how you create a bridge between communities and the university.

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4 thoughts on “Listening and Connecting to Local Communities

  1. When people ask me what I do, one of the things I usually tell them is that I work as a bridge between technology and faculty/staff. In Oregon and beyond I work as a bridge by sharing OSU research and STEM/STEAM education with various communities, especially under represented/low income kids. Go Beavs! 🙂

    • The Oregon State University Extension Service allows the university to fulfill its land grant mission. As change agents, we have a critical role to provide an objective, science-based perspective that empowers Oregonians to make informed decisions.

  2. My role as part of the Family & Community Health/SNAP-Ed state team is to ensure that Extension faculty and staff statewide have a robust on-line system in which to plan for and report on places, people and practice. SNAP-Ed implements research-tested approaches to promote healthy eating and physically active lifestyles among limited-income families at the individual, family, and community levels.

  3. Thanks to those who thoughtfully replied. I really like the concept of a bridge to learners. Of course, we are learners too, so the bridge traffic goes BOTH ways!


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