Ask an Expert is a vital entry point for thousands of people to learn about OSU Extension. Kym Pokorny, Ask an Expert coordinator for Oregon, and Chrissy Lucas, an OSU Extension question wrangler, joined Vice Provost Scott Reed to reveal best practices for answering questions. More experts are needed. To join the ranks of Ask an Expert experts, please get in touch with Kym online, or at 541-737-3380.

Tell us the most unusual Ask an Expert question you’ve had to answer by posting a comment on the blog.

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15 thoughts on “50% learn about Extension through Ask an Expert

    • You must have an Ask an Expert login to see Teresa’s question, linked above. Get a login now if you don’t have one. Then you can read the question Teresa refers to: “How to tell my former teacher that I have feelings for him?”

  1. I’m not an Expert but I help manage and route the questions that come in. That’s made me a prolific rejector of questions that are either spam, outside the realm of Extension’s expertise, or just downright ridiculous.

    Of the latter category, my favorite rejected question was titled “Need Weed.”

    A close second was this one:

    “If Donald is rich and president is it too good for him to be true? And hes a big meanie too right?”

  2. The most unusual question I have fielded on Ask an Expert was -“Is Led Zeppelin a heavy metal band ?”.

    Another musical inquiry I answered was identifying a Bach composition based on a MP3 audio snippet the client uploaded.

    I highly recommend Extension folks to sign up for AaE and share their expertise and knowledge. There are definitely more than just garden questions being asked. 🙂

  3. As a 4-H person, I get very few questions assigned to me. A couple times I have had questions that were actually complaints or concerns about our county program or a club, and rather than just call me, the person submits a big long explanation on AaE, which gets assigned to … me! Ah the irony!

    • Thank goodness for Extension! I thought we might have an Extension publication on poisonous plants, but didn’t immediately see one. Might be a good gardening story, too.


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