5 thoughts on “First Monday Update #10

  1. My holidays were spent in the company of my daughters, now 21 and almost 19. Where did the time go? I cherish this time with them, it may be a long time before they are both home for the holidays.

    Morgan (my oldest) has graduated from Eckerd College (in St. Petersburg, FL) and is working in NY; Mersedes (my youngest) has returned to Birmingham-Southern College to participate in her winter term class, Exploring Birmingham.

  2. I’m having trouble with the captcha codes, so I’ll make this comment short this time around – hope to see your float and hear more about the book you are reading. I had some lovely time off with my loved ones.

  3. Congratulations Scott, best looking video to date. Good lighting and audio.

    We spent the holidays with family and friends. Good food and getting together with loved ones is always special.

    Over the holidays I also had some fun creating a series of Drone Carols to bring attention to UAV and Drone issues in the US. One of them has already had over 3,500 views and another over 1,000. You can watch my Drone Songs on YouTube.

  4. Hello Scott! Great video and great message! Lots of exciting things going on in our division!!! I did had a great time in Mexico during the holidays! I visited family in 4 states! We had an amazing Christmas evening (we partied until 5 am!!!) with my nuclear family plus part of my aunts, uncles and cousins (I have more than 50 cousins)… I´m used to people and love big families :). I came back from Mexico really inspired and energized! My favorite part about “living in 2 worlds” is the opportunity to see everything in perspective and having a “home” inside of me, that way I can take it wherever I go. My best wishes in this new year to all my colleagues!!!!

  5. Great question…we spent a week with our granddaughters (2 and 4) in Savannah. One afternoon when they were both (supposedly) napping and everyone else had escaped to wherever, I sat down to review apps for the new VP for Undergrad Ed…what better time right? I heard some rustling upstairs and went to investigate only to find that the four-year old had decided to wake up and paint her fingernails red…also spilling the polish all over the beige carpet…as I was reminded more than once when others returned, “on my watch.” She’s still my favorite four-year old! And for future reference and maybe a great AaE response, Goo Gone works really well.


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