The video gets cut off at the end – sorry about that! To finish my thought, what I was going to share is that our OSU Open Campus team will be presenting at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium on Wednesday afternoon as they compete for the national C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Award.

For your reflection …

At last week’s OSU Extension annual conference the keynote speaker asked us to reflect on the organization’s core values, which are listed below and can also be found on the Extension website.

  1. Community-based
  2. Accountability
  3. Credibility
  4. Diversity
  5. Partnerships
  6. Responsiveness

Are there some that are missing? Should these be revisited? For those of you who aren’t Extension employees, I’d welcome your thoughts about your own organization’s values and the role that they play in your work.

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4 thoughts on “First Monday Update #7

  1. FYI … This video is listed as category “comedy” on YouTube right now. As much as some of the “Core Values” can make me smile, they don’t rise to the comedy category.

  2. There is always room for improvement. However, I do see my OSU Extension colleagues incorporating these core values into their work every day. I feel fortunate to work with good colleagues on meaningful work in a great organization.

  3. I wonder if we could shift the form of the words, to describe who we are (and/or who and what we strive to be).
    – Community-based
    – Accountable
    – Credible
    – Diverse
    – Partners
    – Responsive
    Somehow the values seem less conceptual and more personal when the words are simpler. Just a thought.


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