For this month’s First Monday update I’m trying something a bit different. Let me know what you think about this format, and please take the time to respond to the question I pose at the end.

In the video I reference materials from this year’s Natural Resources Leadership Academy. You can download those here:

Have a great July!

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12 thoughts on “First Monday Update #4

  1. Scott,
    Thank you for trying a creative and different way to reach our extension service team around our state. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

    Strengths: You did a great job with the video blog. In fact, I prefer listening to the video compared to reading the written blog. You were thorough yet concise. Great job!!!

    Weakness: Video alignment was off. Please center yourself in the computer camera if you try another video blog.

    My family and I are going on several camping trips. One in particular is to Fish Lake on Steens Mountain in Harney County.


  2. Hi Scott, I really like this format. It’s very informative and more engaging as a video than as a written update. The reference to and inclusion of supplemental links is a nice touch also. My one suggestion is to include a transcript for viewers who are hearing impaired.

    For relaxation this summer, I was just out in the beautiful Steens area (East and West side) and we are planning a few more weekend camping trips to the coast and Waldo Lake.


  3. I enjoyed the format. I’d love to have a really basic outline to follow along with so that I can add more detailed notes if necessary.

    As for vacation plans, my husband farms so this time of year is pretty busy. We’re hoping to take a couple day trips throughout the summer and take advantage of Klamath’s great fishing spots.

  4. I like this approach better. Easier to get messages with audio/video than in writing. Thanks to all who worked on this!

  5. I like this format vs plain text. Might need to focus the camera. Looks like it’s focused on the back wall instead of you. I’ll work on fixing that or see if we can get a better camera. Looking forward to more video updates.

  6. I like the video format. I’d like it more if it were a tad shorter (5 minutes or so). I agree with the earlier comment about providing a brief outline in addition to the supplemental readings/links.

    This summer we’ll spend time in Iowa with family and host my grandpa here on his first-ever visit to Oregon.

  7. The video format is much more personable than text. Thank you for the shout-out for Summer Session and NRLA and the link to the leadership materials. The leadership component truly added value to the Academy.

    This summer I am going to India to welcome my first grandchild into the world. Not my first choice of places to visit in summer, but definitely my first choice of activities!

  8. I LIKE the new format Scott. Adds a person touch and is more enjoyable format for updates. Hope you stay with this format.

  9. Hi, Scott. Sorry for the late response. I agree with the other responders – I like the video format. Thanks for piloting the STEM project in the Columbia Gorge. We are honored. As for a summer vacation … none for me. I’ll attempt time off this late fall/winter season!


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