Job Descriptions

The last job I had which is still my current position, I did not even consider the job description. My case is a little different then others, I knew people who worked for the company after college and realized it was something I wanted to do. The current position I am in is something that… Continue reading Job Descriptions

Experiences with discrimination

In the situation mentioned during the week 2 blog prompt, if I was faced with a situation where I came across a news article reporting that my favorite company was faced with a public lawsuit in which they were accused of widespread discrimination against individuals from an ethnicity, culture, or belief system I associated with… Continue reading Experiences with discrimination

Job Application Experiences

The last job I applied for was the manager training program at Sherwin Williams. This was a position I knew I was going to apply for years before I did and was a little different then most people’s experience when it comes to applying for jobs. I was already working at Sherwin for about two… Continue reading Job Application Experiences

Hello world!

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