Most Important Thing

The most important thing that I have learned throughout this class is how to effectively design a recruitment ad. Because I want to go into recruitment or talent acquisition, I feel that understanding how to attract the best candidates is extremely important. Making sure that all ads have the logo presented clearly and the layout… Continue reading Most Important Thing

Personality Test Results

For the first section of extraversion, I scored high meaning I am sociable, outgoing, energetic, and lively. It also says that I prefer to be around people. I think this part of the assessment is extremely accurate because I do genuinely enjoy spending time with other people and like meeting new people. The second section,… Continue reading Personality Test Results

Typical vs. Maximal Performance

If I were in the shoes of a business owner, I would hire Jaime. Personally, I would rather have some who provides consistent results rather than mostly slacking and a little below average with random spurts of excellence. By hiring Jaime, I feel that in clutch situations I could find other employees who could collaborate… Continue reading Typical vs. Maximal Performance

Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

The first impression that I tend to present to potential employers is my ability to hold conversations and build connections with people. Some of my strengths are that I am great at collaboration and working within teams, I am a strong leader and communicator, and I am detail oriented and hard working. Some of my… Continue reading Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

Job Descriptions

The job description of the position I currently have did not influence me to apply. The job description was very vague and did not explain most of what I actually do on a normal day. It stated the qualifications I needed to have to apply, some recommended traits, and a warning about confidentiality. I had… Continue reading Job Descriptions

Should Companies be Focusing More on Employee Recruitment and Selection Practices?

Organizations may allocate their financial resources towards marketing over effective employee recruitment and selection practices because they find that in order to attract employees, they have to make a name for themselves and their company through marketing. Spending the time to market a company and their products as a whole, allows their brand to grow,… Continue reading Should Companies be Focusing More on Employee Recruitment and Selection Practices?

Job Application Experiences

The last job I applied for was a nice mix of professional and laid back. The initial application was straightforward and had all of the normal questions which made it fairly simple to fill out. My first interview was with my (now) supervisor and was very professional and over Zoom. I was asked around ten… Continue reading Job Application Experiences

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