2 thoughts on “iPad Tips and Tricks Galore

    • Hi Liz, yes, it is possible to produce a podcast on an iPad (and iPhone). Some of the apps which people use to produce podcasts on iOS devices include:

      VR+: Voice Recorder – simple and basic. Allows you to record and append audio in a linear fashion.

      Garageband – record audio and edit it, add music beds and post/upload to iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

      Caster: Mobile Studio – an app actually geared towards making podcasts. Allows importing audio files, recording/editing/mixing, and export via FTP, email and Twitter with more options to come including video podcasting.

      Mobile Podcaster – another podcasting specific app which allows you to post directly to WordPress sites.

      BossJock Studio – great little podcasting app, allows file imports and has automatic ducking (background music becomes softer when you push a button to talk).

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