Now this is what I call mobile video – a remotely controlled roaming robot consisting of an iPad on a stick attached to what looks like a mini Segway. The technologist in me loves the ingenuity behind this mobile video robot, but something about it just feels a little weird. What do you think?

The robotics technology boom is just getting started and we’ll be see lots more of this soon. I could definitely think of tons of different ways to use this, especially remote support. Think about it, being virtually there…but not. Strange and interesting indeed.

If you like to walk around when using a tablet, you might want to obtain a hand strap. Using a hand strap will allow you hold your tablet with one hand and not worry about dropping it.

Enter the Padlette.

The Padlette is basically a big rubberband which attaches to your tablet by stretching over opposite corners, put your hand or fingers through the loops and… viola!

Check out the video for more info.