Apple iPhone 5 mock-up by DavidMartynHunt
Apple iPhone 5 mock-up from DavidMartynHunt

Thinking of buying and Apple iPhone or iPad? Well, you just might want to hold off for just a little bit more.

There are indications a new iPhone and a possible new iPad Mini will be announced soon. Apple will be rolling out iOS 6 on Sept. 12, 2012, so the chances of these rumors being true are fairly high.

All this speculation has lifted Apple stock to an all-time high, raising Apple’s value to $624 Billion, making it the world’s highest, ever.

As an owner of iPhone 3GS, I’m looking forward to a new updated phone. As for the iPad Mini, I’ll have to wait and see. I’m not sure a smaller iPad would work for me. But then again, a lower price point might entice me.

~ Victor Villegas


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2 thoughts on “New iPhone, iPad Mini and More Rumors

  1. HI Victor,

    I’m right there waiting with you. My 3GS is on it’s last legs, but I put up with its issues to wait for the 6.

    Funny how Apple builds anticipation based on having no concrete information about their products. I’m mainly hoping for a thinner iPhone with a built-in LED projector (I know – slim chance), and more seamless integration with social networks. How about you?

    • Well, the new iOS 6 will reportedly will have more integration with Facebook and Twitter.

      A built-in LED projector would be nice, but highly unlikely. I’d like a lower price and an easier way to transfer large file without having to go through iTunes or Wi-Fi. I wish I could just connect an external drive and “drag” files over as easy as on a desktop computer. 🙂

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