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  • Of the Most Importance

    It is hard to decipher what was the most important thing I learned over the course of this term. I came into class with no knowledge of what HR teams and recruiters engage in outside of my applicant experience. I would say the most important thing I learned though, is how to be a better […]

  • A Little Self-Reflection

    It took me a little while to understand how to move forward with this self-evaluation as it is not something I have given a lot of thought to. I hope that someday my schedule will slow down enough that I can take some time for self-reflection more often. What am I good at? Right now, […]

  • IPIP Results

    I took the full version IPIP-NEO Test, and the results were mixed. When it comes to Extroversion, I scored low, which is spot on. I am often called quiet and reserved by family and friends. Sometimes they think something is wrong. Almost all the time there is nothing wrong, I am just content. I do […]

  • Typical Vs. Maximal Performance

    In this situation, strong arguments can be made for both candidates. But if I am going to be hiring someone for an essential position, I would err on the side of caution and hire Jaime. No business, even at the upper management level works outside of a team and I feel that if I hired […]

  • Recruitment Ad

    I come from an old school way of thought, and it has taken time to adjust my method of thinking when it comes to understanding myself as a brand. When I currently think of myself in the way of a brand, I think of intangible things that cannot be seen. I think of integrity, honesty, […]

  • Job Description

    When I changed companies, the job description had a lot to do with me deciding to apply for the open role. I had taken a position outside of my desired career path because it was a promotion and I wanted to stay with the company I was with. It didn’t work out and it was […]

  • Hypothetical Discrimination

    I think if I read an article discovering my favorite company was faced with a lawsuit surrounding discrimination, I would want to do more research. Call it caution. Call it double checking. Call it what you will, but with so much misinformation in the media and online today, I would want to verify the article […]

  • Recruitment and Selection

    Organizations may dedicate more resources to marketing or product design because the primary goal of any business is to make money and that cannot be accomplished without selling products. To grab the attention of customers, executives may heavily push to market their new product or sink a lot of money into developing the next major […]

  • Job Application Experiences

    I had a good experience during my last job application process and am still employed by the same company. I applied for the position through a third-party site after which I was sent to a contracted recruiter for the initial vetting process. This essentially covered all basic questions before beginning the interview process with the […]

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