Thank you for helping to test a new learning experience focused on houseplants and using an online program called Flipgrid. Flipgrid is a way to share with a community using short, casual videos.

Participating in this activity counts for volunteer hours. Please log your time under ‘Other Approved Projects’.

How to access our private Flipgrid community:

Step 1: Download the Flipgrid app to your smartphone or tablet. This also works on a browser but you will need a webcam to record videos this way.

Step 2: New to Flipgrid? Visit the Flipgrid help pages titled: “The Flipgrid Camera: features and effects” and “How to record & submit a video.”:

Step 3: Access our private flipgrid group with the join code: osumghouseplants You will receive your Student Username in an email from me. Can’t find the email? Please check your spam folder; if it’s not there then email me

Step 4: In our group, there are currently two topics available to post video responses. The first topic that opens is called “Practice Here”. This is a private space to practice. Play around with the video features. Try adding a filter effect or inserting a picture. Try out the forward facing and the selfie camera views. Play as much as you want here. This topic is set so that other folks in our private group can’t see your practice videos.

Here’s what the opening screen looks like on my iPhone.

Step 5: Once you’re comfortable and ready to share with the group then navigate to the second topic called “Say hi & share your favorite.” This topic is open to our entire group and everyone can see your responses. Specific instructions are within the topic. Don’t forget that you can respond to other people’s videos, too!

Here is what the second topic looks like on my iPhone.

Step 6: Additional topics will be posted after October 15th once everyone gets comfortable. You will receive an email when a new topic opens.

Step 7: Look for a feedback survey in early late November. I’d like to know how Flipgrid worked for you!

If you get stuck, no worries! Just reach out and we’ll work through it together. Reach out and we’ll set up a time to chat:

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