This material was presented at the Oregon Master Gardener Association’s 2016 Mini-College.  

Microgreens are easy and fun to grow. They are great for garnishing sandwiches and salads.  Microgreens can be also be used in classroom settings to teach botany (and grow a snack!).   In this presentation, I covered:

  • The difference between sprouts, microgreens and baby greens
  • The uses for microgreens
  • How to grow in soil and hydroponically (Handout from class)
  • Troubleshooting common problems

During the talk, I refer to a published paper that discussed the health profiles of different microgreens.  You can view the entire paper here.  Keep in mind that the amount of total amount of published research on microgreens is small.  Most research has focused on growing & handling methods to avoid food borne illness or extend shelf-life.

When purchasing seeds, it is most economical to purchase in bulk.  You can find seeds locally at garden centers or online retailers.  Johnny Seeds is one possible resource.  They have a great catalog with color photos that compares growing characteristics and flavor descriptions.

Here is a shortened version of my presentation (complete slide set):


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One thought on “Introduction to Microgreens

  1. hi Brooke,
    I got your link to this presentation via Pami at the Newport extension. I am having some microgreen growing issues and would like to send you some photo’s of the problem I am having. Thank you


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