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Public Wifi

When you go to Starbucks to get 5-dollar drink and sit down to do some homework you don’t think about the WiFi being slow. That is until it slows down enough for you to get frustrated. Public wifi is not … Continue reading

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Do smartphones actually improve productivity?

Smartphones should have a positive externality on work and production. Now that people have the Internet with them at all times they are able to check e-mail and do other work related activities that they were not able to do … Continue reading

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Pseudoephedrine Policies

I am from Washington and I am one of the many people that live there that has quite bad allergies. Without pseudoephedrine, an allergy medicine, my allergies are out of control at certain points in the year. When I was … Continue reading

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Why don’t cable companies offer smaller channel bundles?

When my roommate and I were trying to decide on a cable bundle we only wanted a few channels. ABC Family, Fox, and AMC. Others would be nice of course, but we were really only interested in those 3 which … Continue reading

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