Is Valentines reserved for those in relationships? Beer says otherwise.

On a day as forced and manipulated by corporations and multimedia companies as Valentines, there are deals galore from chocolate, to booze. But does this drastic shift in prices correlate with the season of those in love, or the loveless? Many of my friends love to celebrate their alone-ness on a day that memes usually depict single folk as miserable and drowning in ice cream not beer. But due to recent trends, especially in area as young and rambunctious as Corvallis, the trend is to celebrate single status rather that begin self loathing as soon as the first pink side-stacks filled with heart shaped things begin appearing. But in reality everyone has enjoyed the goodies since their elementary school days, and now alcohol is a substitute for the sugar high we all use to get as kids. With a market demand seemingly revived by the first major corporate holiday since the Christmas and new years season, companies have obviously taken note of the demand. even if the season is directly correlated with the idea of true love, relationships, and spoiling your significant other; beer and other booze is still bought by those celebrating themselves and their friends. You can say the corporate love machine accidentally created a separate holiday by accident. Cheers.

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  1. kobzeffr says:

    I may or may not have also participated in this “boozing” on Valentines day, with my significant other, but still it was on a Friday so what do you expect? You kept saying these individuals are “celebrating” their independence, but if you think about the effects of alcohol they are most likely drinking in an effort to forget their single status. Also are you trying to say that correlation of alcohol on Valentines day does not imply that Valentines day causes spiked sales in alcohol? Your article is not exactly clear but I would assume that you are not in fact trying to disconnect correlation and causation; because the evidence shows that Valentines day does in fact cause increased alcohol consumption.

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