Front-End Web Newsletters I like

There are 1,0001 newsletters out there for front-end web work. It can get overwhelming to not only choose, but if you subscribe to those 1,001 newsletters, your inbox will get even more overwhelming than it already is.

  • Nielsen Norman Group
    • All things UX and design, no technical bits.
  • Smashing Magazine
    • Smattering of all things front-end, a real variety pack. It’s a great way to round out your knowledge set.
  • Kevin Powell
    • Calls himself a “CSS Evangelist.” He covers everything you need to know with CSS with his YouTube videos.
  • Moz Top 10
    • All SEO and Digital Marketing

Honorable Mentions

I don’t subscribe to these, but have in the past. It isn’t because these are “bad.” My focus changed and my inbox got full.

  • CodePen
    • Includes snippets of code made by the CodePen community. Ends with “Chris’ corner” by Chris Coyier, founder of CSS-Tricks.
  • CSS-Tricks
    • I’m not entirely certain they’re running this anymore. Last publication was December 2022. However, the archives are definitely worth a read.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of these keyboard shortcuts can be used in other programs. However, these ones are what I reach to every day to make my Drupal life just a little bit easier.


Jump to bottom or top of page or the beginning or end of a text line.

The save button is at the bottom of the page in Drupal 7. It’s nice to save yourself and your wrists a bit of scrolling if you have a long page.

Just to keep you on your toes, in Drupal 9, the save button will be at the top of the page.

As I understand it, Apple keyboards don’t have these keys.

Equivalents for Mac

Home: Fn + Left Arrow

End: Fn + Right Arrow

Page Up/Page Down

This is probably a “me” thing. I don’t like to scroll a bunch as it is a highly repetitive and hard on my wrists.

Control + shift + arrow

Select a word or if you keep pressing the arrow key, multiple words.

If you keep pressing the arrow key you’ll select more and more words. Great way to do quick formatting like adding bold or adding a link.

Control or Command + L

Add a link to selected text

The standard everywhere else is to do control/command + K. In Drupal 7, it just loves to be different.

For longer paragraph bundle content this is helpful to skip scrolling back up to that editing bar just to add a link.

Shift + Enter

Add a link break

This will add a link break, rather than start a whole new paragraph. It’s great for contact information where you don’t want a lot of spacing between the lines.

For example:

Sherlock Holmes
221B Baker Street, Marylebone
London, NW1 6XE

Other Keyboard Shortcuts