I turned in my last paper of graduate school yesterday. It feels so good to officially be done. Now I can focus my attention on the unforeseen new adventures yet to come.

Speaking of adventures, Kiyora May Dorres was born on May 10th, 2008.

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Presentation and Defense Complete!

That’s right, I successfully completed my public presentation and defended my portfolio for my Ed.M. in College Student Services Administration (CSSA) through the College of Education’s Adult Education and Higher Education Leadership program.
The paperwork indicating completion of my program has been submitted to the Graduate School and I will attend the College of Education commencement ceremony in June.

I want to thank you all for the amazing amount of support which has been instrumental in my completion of this great program. The presentation went well, and I have my great audience and committee members to thank for it!

Again, I sincerely thank you all for your encouragement and continued support.


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The Portfolio is Complete!

Hello, I am pleased to say that the blog is now in a final draft state. I have added a new color to the legend on the right. Green text indicates my response to a committee member comment on sections of the competencies. Feel free to continue to leave comments on each of the competency pages. I will try to answer future questions or comments in green text after the rest of the committee reviews the contents. Thanks again for your continued support! Paul

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Advisor Comments Done!

Melissa has finished her review of my portfolio.  Her comments are openly available to view at the bottom of each competency page.  I will add some additional content to the competencies in response to her comments very soon.  Look here for a message indicating that I am done adding new content.

Thanks again!


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The first draft is done!

That’s right, the first draft is completed and ready to be submitted to my advisor.  Feel free to have a look through the pages to see the huge amount of content that has been added.

I added a text color legend on the right sidebar because I think I will leave the notes in red text in the final product to show my thinking process leading up to the choice of assignment/project uploads and reflections (although I will remove the notes if requested by my advisor).  I can’t type anymore! I think I have carpal tunnel!

Thank you,

Paul Dorres

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Back in the Saddle Again!

The content is coming – full steam ahead! I am adding as much as I can this week. Next week I am off work for spring break to focus my attention on portfolio completion. Now that all of my CSSA classroom work is done, I can really give this project some special lovin’! In the spring all I have left to do, besides defending of course, is one internship and one non-CSSA course to wrap up my Area of Specialization. This last class is called International Women. It came highly recommended by a CSSA alumna, so I am really looking forward to it.

As always, thanks for your continued support!


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Some content added and COLOR CODING

Now when you look at each of the pages you will see RED and BLUE text.

RED = My notes, thinking process, questions – INCOMPLETE

BLUE = My final reflections – COMPLETED PRODUCT


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Defense Date is SET & an Update

It’s official. I will defend on Wednesday, April 23rd in ED Hall 107. The public presentation is from 1:00-1:30pm. Then I will have tea and crumpets privately with my committee from 1:30-3:00pm (sorry, private party).

If you are here to look at what I have done so far, you will only find reflections on competencies 5 – 8. But, at this point, none of the competencies are “finished.” I will be taking the week of March 24th (spring break) off work to finish the reflections on all of the competencies. I will try to add some content here and there during the term. However, Legal Issues and Multicultural Competencies are keeping me awfully busy right now.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Reflections are Coming Along…

Have a look at the pages for competencies 5, 6, 7, and 8. You will see that I have started to fill in the sections with text about what I have learned. I have stopped writing for the time being as I await feedback from my committee.


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Links and Links and More Links!

This week I added just about every assignment that I have done in the CSSA program to the competency pages. The main projects and assignments are indicated as “Document:” or “Link:” – additional materials that I scanned are indicated by a thumbnail of the scanned image. This makes it easy to tell which documents already existed electronically and which documents only existed on paper and had to be scanned as images.

Hotlink = electronic source

Thumbnail = scanned image

Now that I have moved all of these documents onto my onid space, I can start writing reflections from anywhere with an internet connection without needing access to an external drive. It’s all up on the web!

So, where to begin?


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