5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

1. Try a Splash of Color

Improve your landing page by learning from the best and most successful companies. Seek out landing pages that appeal to you and use them as inspiration.

Slack is a perfect and inspiring example of interactive design, beautiful heading, and subheading, hero illustrations, optimizing the call to action for sign-ups, and big footers.

As per Stewart Butterfield, instead of using the marketing and sales techniques to bring the value of their service, Slack team has managed to achieve this through “a good copywriting in the lead-form, quick-loading pages, great welcome emails, with comprehensive and accurate search, with purposeful loading screens, and thoughtfully implemented and well-functioning features of all kinds.”

2. Control Your Visitors’ Attention

People tend to pay attention to everything new and unusual. Customizing important elements in an unusual style, you will highlight them in the eyes of visitors.

Provoke the senses to attract attention with:

People switch from one task to another very easily. To keep visitors from getting distracted and leaving your page, be sure to use active elements and moving parts that will keep them engaged.

3. Make Your Landing Page Ad Specific 

In the case of landing pages, more is better. According to HubSpot companies that increase the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 can see up to a 55% increase in leads. As you can see in the chart below the New Leads Index grows as the number of different landing pages is created. This does not mean everyone should make 1000 landing pages but shows how adjusting keywords, copy and visuals to cater to each campaign increases conversions. 

4. Write headlines that play to emotion

“Chances are that the reader is not going to read every word on the page, but they will definitely read the headlines. You should change and test the copy of your headline, making sure that it is attention-grabbing, clear, concise, and sums up your value proposition”, says Codal‘s Jenna Erickson.

Tamas Torok of Coding Sans runs experiments on her landing page headlines, by creating “some headline variations that trigger emotions. These emotions could be: feeling attractive, assertive, sense of belonging, exclusivity, feeling safe, etc.”

Torok recommends CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer tool “to check the emotional score of your headlines.”

5. Drive prequalified traffic through ads

Conversion rates are based on the number of people who land on your URL and convert.

It makes sense that these marketers are focusing on referring the right kind of traffic to boost the conversion rates of their landing pages.

“When utilizing pay-per-click to drive traffic to your landing page, making sure that those clicking on it will already be interested in the content is probably the most important part of getting it to convert,” says Noticed‘s E.M. Ricchini.

You can do the same by targeting a specific group of people through your ads.

Only refer people who are actively looking for a solution to the problem you’re solving, and you’re bound to increase conversion rates for your landing pages.

Richard Owens of firstfiveeight.com says: “By implementing a retargeting strategy to display social or Google Display Network ads to a user who has visited the landing page, but not seen the thank you page. […]  This target audience has displayed an interest in the content, and maybe assessing alternative options before engaging with a website.”

He says: “By displaying ads to this audience, you stay top of mind for when the researcher decides to take the next step with a business.”


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