double shot vanilla latte.

Double shot vanilla latte. The latte. When you think of a latte the first thing that comes to mind is the #froth on the top, and how warm it is when you take your first sip. The warmness of your first sip is something that warms the body immediately and starts off your day nicely.

Week 4. The week where things get a little more stressful. Maybe the week before a big midterm, or the start of a new project. All things that make you think “maybe I should get an extra shot in my coffee today”. So that’s exactly what I did. The vanilla latte with an #extrashot was my choice of drink this morning. Along with that, the morning was cold and misty and that along with my double vanilla latte went perfectly together. No sugar free this time. The warmth of the #latte helped me through the cold morning but also made me overheat very easily – as a lot of hot drinks do. I also only went with a small but it still was the perfect size of what I needed. The problem with latte’s though is the fact that they are mainly milk. Personally, this doesn’t always sit well in my stomach, even though I enjoy the taste of it so much.

With these factors in mind, it was hard for me to rate this out of 5. Despite troubles with rating the drink, I could give it a solid 4 stars! It ticked a lot of boxes for me. The warmth it gave me on the way to class, and the taste of it really impressed me. As well as that, the extra shot wasn’t really something that made a lot of difference to the drink, taste wise. But, the latte I would say is more for the people who aren’t too keen on the taste of coffee itself. This is definitely a drink I would suggest to friends if it was a colder day outside, and they were looking for something more sweet!  

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