Monday americano

To start off my Monday and week 3 of school i have decided to take the safe route and go with my usual medium iced #americano with an extra shot and sugar free vanilla, from Dutch Bros. I tend to always get room with my ice americano’s so that i can pour my perfect amount of cream and watch the two blend creating the cloud like image, signalling the start of my day. My choice of sugar free? just trying to keep the calories to a minimum, since this is a regular drink for me. Though you can’t always be safe with the sugar free option. I have tried a few different sugar free flavors and not all of them have turned out nicely. Hazelnut is definitely a good one, not really a lot of difference but caramel on the other hand is something to avoid. Since caramel is made mainly out of sugar, the sugar free component really takes away the taste of any sort of caramel. It tastes like something burned and unfortunately not something you want to taste for the duration of a medium sized drink. That being said, this is me and you may like the #taste of the sugar free caramel, or any other #flavor for that matter. With regards to rating this out of 5, it definitely gets a 5 from me! A safe drink to get if your not really sure or you don’t have a usual drink of your own.

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