/dev/null: Fishing for core dumps

  • Inside the A-Life Challenge

    Now that I’ve had a few weeks to figure things out and implement a working barebones GUI, let’s talk about the program structure and my approach to building a GUI in Python. The concept for the backbone of the program is very simple: we have two screens, a starting parameters screen and a simulation screen. […]

  • A-Life Challenge

    Projects were assigned to us soon after my previous post – I was put on an A-Life Challenge team. A-Life stands for artificial life, which is a type of artificial intelligence that mimics living systems and organisms. The artificial life field is surprisingly well developed. Surprisingly for me at least, since the first I’d really […]

  • My Journey So Far

    Well, here I am at my last term in Oregon State’s online postbaccalaureate computer science program. I took my first class, CS 161 in the Spring term of 2021, so when all is said and done it will have been a 2-year journey when I graduate. Glad to be almost there! Throughout the past two […]