My Thought Canvas

  • Nearing the finish line.

    Nearing the finish line.

    As we enter the last stretch of the course, I have begun to reflect back on my experiences thus far with my project and what has gone well and what I’ve learned along the way. I big victory for me was working back-end for a major project. When I started this program three years ago, […]

  • Utilizing GCP for my project

    Utilizing GCP for my project

    I’ve been utilizing Google Cloud Platform since I learned how to use it in a previous cloud application course. For my team’s project, I’ve been using a pretty similar setup. Prior to taking that course, I had no idea how simple it could be – previously I was intimidated by it and could not make […]

  • The Origin Story

    The Origin Story

    Hello there! My name is Michelle and I’m a designer/creative based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m finishing up my computer science post-bacc degree from Oregon State University (I TA’d CS 340 for a few terms – you might recognize me from there 👋🏻) and when I’m not busy being a student, I operate […]