• Hello everyone and welcome to my CS461 Capstone Project blog!

    About me

    My name is Devin and I am located in Oregon, which is in the Pacific Time Zone. Outside of school and work, I really enjoy gaming and tennis. Roguelike games are my favorite because they are unpredictable and challenging, which keeps me on my toes no matter how many times I play through them. Tennis is my favorite sport and I’ve been playing for 8 years now and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It’s an especially great way to break away from my computer, get outside, and get some exercise. 


    Four years ago, I enrolled in a community college for CS, and I met a professor who changed the way that I looked at CS. I had the privilege to be mentored by this professor, and during this time he was able to kindle my passion for coding by showing me all the fun things we can do with programming while still teaching me the advanced things to set me up for in the future.

    Without the guidance and inspiration provided by this mentor, I would not have reached my current position. Consequently, I hold a profound debt of gratitude to this individual, not only for shaping my present but also for shaping the person I aspire to become in the future.

    I transferred to OSU after receiving my associates and am now in my final year of school.

    Some of my favorite technologies would have to be C++, SQL, C#, and Docker, in that order. 


    My preferred kind of project undoubtedly revolves around those that involve databases, especially those utilizing database languages like SQL. I have some personal projects that are Flask applications.

    One application is a workout creator. Users can input a workout, including images or videos and step-by-step instructions. These individual workouts can then be organized into customized routines, allowing for comprehensive fitness planning.

    I’ve developed another Flask app with a similar concept, but for recipes. This application offers users the ability to compile and manage their favorite recipes, creating a personal digital cookbook.