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5 Systemic Whys

Posted July 22nd, 2009 by Derek Abrams

To get to the root of a personal performance issue, ask yourself “5 Systemic Whys”.


I feel stuck in my situation.

WHY: Because nothing is going my way.
WHY: Because my desire is to do/have/be ____.
WHY: Because that would allow me to be/live authentic/ly.
WHY: Because I believe _____.
WHY: Because…

If you cannot get to the root cause within 5-Whys, then either:

a)  you are not stating your situation (current state of being) correctly or;
b) you are not being honest in your answers or;
c) both A and B.

The fewer “whys” in your logic, the closer to the truth you are and/or the closer to an authentic life you are living.

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