Welcome to BI311 Genetics!

Greetings and welcome to my Genetics blog for BI 311 students!

I will create blog posts once per week, usually on Friday afternoons.  The blog will serve three main functions:

  1. Weekly Reflections: These posts will offer short plain-language summaries of the material covered over the previous week, as well as a sneak peek at information that will be presented the following week.
  2. Genetics in the News: It’s an exciting time in the world of genetics!  These posts will highlight recent research findings and big news related to genetics.
  3. Answers: The answer keys to weekly homework problems and pop quizzes will be provided in blog posts.

I encourage everyone to take the few minutes to visit the blog once or twice a week to help learn the material presented in lecture. There will NEVER be content found only in the blog that appears on midterms and the final.  Rather, the blog serves to supplement and provide a different voice for material covered during lectures, recitations, and in the homework.


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