OSU Community Response to Recent Acts of Intolerance

18 April 2014

To the OSU Community:

Recently, our university has experienced three severe and unacceptable incidents of racism, homophobia and intolerance that as a community we will not tolerate. These actions are personally disheartening and they are in disregard of the university’s stated aspirations to be a collaborative and caring community. Such acts produce significant harm. They create a sense of fear and vulnerability and negatively affect the ability of community members to participate in university life.

As a university, we aspire to create a welcoming environment that enables success for all members of our community. Our common values are grounded in justice, civility and respect and look to our diversity as a source of enrichment and strength. Our academic environment thrives on critical inquiry and the exchange of ideas; however, hate speech is inconsistent with our mission, and it is unacceptable.

If you are a student and would like confidential assistance in dealing with matters such as homophobia, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPs) at 541-737-2131. If you are an employee and would like confidential assistance, please contact OSU’s Employee Assistance Program within the Human Resources Department by calling 541-737-3103 or online at human.resources@oregonstate.edu

As members of the Oregon State community, we cannot remain silent. Each of us should condemn acts of hate, and assert our values. The university will convene strategy discussions involving students on how we move toward a more inclusive university community. Please join us and the university in doing all we can to counter hateful acts with more vigorous efforts to create and maintain a climate of inclusion, respect and care for all.

Ed Ray

Sabah Randhawa
Provost and Executive Vice President

Becky Warner
Sr Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Larry Roper
Vice Provost

David Blake
Asst Vice President, Human Resources & Public Safety

Tracey Bentley Townlin
Interim Dean of Student Life

Angelo Gomez
Executive Director, Equity & Inclusion

Allison Davis-White Eyes
Director, Intercultural Student Services

Brett Deedon
President, Associated Students of OSU

In response to the racist incidents that took place last week on campus, several campus constituencies have organized four dialogue spaces for students, staff, and faculty. Please consider attending one of the dialogues and forwarding this information to others who may be interested. Join us to stand united against hate and ignorance. Thank you.


Student-Led #ITooAmOSU Roundtable

Wednesday, March 12, 2:15 pm

Native American Longhouse (NAL)

A space for intentional dialogue about the recent hate incidents on campus, immediately following the student-led march.  Please join the start of the march at 1:00pm at the Pride Center.

Sponsored by Black Cultural Center (BCC)

Contact info: bcc@oregonstate.edu


#ITooAmOSU in our Halls, Discussion Forum

Wednesday, March 12, 6:00-8:00 pm

Marketplace West Dining Center, Large East Conference Room

A space for on-campus residents and supporters to discuss the current environment of inclusion in our halls and pathways for building an even more inclusive community.

Sponsored by the Residence Halls Association (RHA) and UHDS Diversity Initiatives and Programs (UHDS DIP)

Contact info: Christopher.Hughbanks@oregonstate.edu


Women of Color Dialogue Space

Thursday, March 13, 3:00-5:00 pm

Kerr Administration Building, Basement Level, B008, Career Services Classroom

A space for dialogue regarding experiences of Women of Color on campus. Information about the new Women of Color Coalition will be discussed.

Sponsored by Intercultural Student Services (ISS) and UHDS Diversity Initiatives and Programs (UHDS DIP)

Contact info: Charlene.Martinez@oregonstate.edu


#ITooAmOSU Dialogue for Anti-Racist Allies

Friday, March 14, 3:30-5 pm

Marketplace West Dining Center, Large East Conference Room

A space for dialogue regarding opportunities for White-identified anti-racist allies to support education and action about racial identity and racism on campus.

Sponsored by Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) and Intercultural Student Services (ISS)

Contact info: Eric.Alexander@oregonstate.edu


KBVR FM recognized by Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for Best College Radio Station at a university with over 10K students

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awarded KBVR FM as the winner for Best College Radio Station at a university with more than 10,000 students. The station was one of three college radio stations in the country, and the only West Coast station, to be nominated for this category.

The following KBVR programs and staff won:
•Best Play-By-Play Football Broadcast: Matt Walton and Josh Worden
•Most Innovative Radio Program: Joey Hulbert and Zhian Kamvar (Inspiration Dissemination)
•Best Production Director: Megan Cummings
•Best Promotions Director: Matt Walton

KBVR FM was also a finalist for Best Overall Station. The following KBVR staff were finalists:
•Best Community News Coverage: Jodie Davaz
•Best Program Director: Marissa Solini
•Best Engineer: Jack Kemp (professional staff)

IBS, an educational association comprising more than a thousand high school and college broadcast stations and webcasters, announced the winners at their 74th Annual IBS New York City Conference. All winners and finalists were presented with IBS Golden Microphone Trophies. The conference was attended by KBVR Station Manager Jodie Davaz, KBVR Promotions Director Matt Walton, and broadcasting advisor Bill Gross.

“I am honored and humbled by receiving these awards,” said Matt Walton, KBVR Promotions Director and winner of Best Promotions Director and co-winner of Best Play-By-Play Football, “Josh Worden is a rising star and I am so thankful to be able to work with him. The awards for best station are especially amazing, as they reflect the hard work that every KBVR DJ puts in every day.”

“I’m very proud and thankful for winning this award; it’s certainly something I’ll brag about on my resumé. It’s a fantastic highlight to my young broadcasting career,” said Josh Worden, co-winner of Best Play-By-Play Football Broadcast.

“It is exciting to be acknowledged for my efforts and the role they can play in the growth of KBVR as a station,” said Megan Cummings, KBVR Production Director and winner of Best Production Director. “Joey and I are honored to receive this award,” said Zhian Kamvar, ‘Inspiration Dissemination’ co-host and PhD student, “We want to thank all the guests we have featured for being as passionate as we are about science communication. They are the real inspiration.”

“We are honored and appreciate the recognition,” said Joey Hubert, ‘Inspiration Dissemination’ co-host and MS student, “Zhian and I are passionate about science communication and we are grateful that the awards panel values what we have created.”

“I’m honored to be counted in with this talented group of people and I look forward to KBVR FM’s continued success,” said Jodie Davaz, KBVR Station Manager and finalist for Best Community News Coverage.

KBVR broadcasts 24/7 on 88.7 FM from the campus of Oregon State University. The station is student- managed and is programmed by over 100 student volunteer Djs. Programming includes live music, local news, sports and talk radio shows.

Congrats to our KBVR students and staff!

06 March 2014 

To the OSU Community:

Two deplorable incidents of racism have occurred within the past week on our Corvallis campus. As a community and as a university, we will not tolerate these acts.


One case involves an anonymous threatening hate note left in a campus building, which the Oregon State Police are investigating. Another case involves racist graffiti displayed on an interior building wall.


While neither of these cases appear to be connected, we want to strongly state that any racist act or statement contradicts the values of our community and the university. Oregon State faculty, staff and students stand united within a culture and community of shared civility, where respect and inclusivity are part of who we are and how we act.


Hate speech is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  The university and law enforcement are taking immediate steps to investigate both matters, and the university supports the prosecution of those responsible for these acts to the fullest extent possible under law.


President Ed Ray and Provost Sabah Randhawa have been informed of these incidents, and want law enforcement to make every effort to identify the perpetrators of these crimes as quickly as possible. “These behaviors do not reflect who we are,” President Ray said. “Therefore, we will not let people who engage in these terrible and senseless acts control us or persist in their actions.”


If you have information regarding these acts of racism, please notify the Oregon State Police and OSU Department of Public Safety by calling 541-737-3010. Or in case of an emergency, call 541-737-7000.


If you are a student and would like confidential assistance in dealing with matters such as racism, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPs) at 541-737-2131. If you are an employee and would like confidential assistance, please contact OSU’s Employee Assistance Program within the Human Resources Department by calling 541-737-3103 or online at human.resources@oregonstate.edu

As members of the Oregon State community, we cannot remain silent, and we condemn such racist behavior.

Rebecca Warner

Senior Vice Provost

Academic Affairs


Larry Roper

Vice Provost

Student Affairs


David Blake

Assistant Vice President

Human Resources and Public Safety


Tracy Bentley Townlin

Interim Dean of Student Life


Angelo Gomez

Executive Director

Office of Equity and Inclusion


Allison Davis-White Eyes


Intercultural Student Services


Brett Deedon


Associated Students of Oregon State University

Oregon State UniversityOffice of the Provost and Executive Vice President
624 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, Oregon 97331

Corvallis Town & Gown webpage is up!

Community Outreach-Corvallis Town & Gown (CTG) is new on campus and our mission is to foster positive relationships between OSU, OSU students, and the surrounding community through education, outreach, and programming. The new CTG webpage includes information about living in community off campus, staying safe, laws you should know, staying connected to the university, and more. Check out the site at http://oregonstate.edu/deanofstudents/corvallistowngown!

One of the first things that CTG is involved with is working with ASOSU on the Off-Campus Housing Expo that will be on Thursday, March 6th from 11am-3pm in the MU Ballroom. Come check out this event to learn more about off-campus housing! https://www.facebook.com/events/210813905782066/?ref=22


by Carolyn Killefer

College is the time to develop the  skills you need and Career Trail  is here to help!  Take advantage of the Career Trail Prep by Step program I am excited to be part of Career Service’s Initiative to reach out to OSU students both on and off campus by offering  a new way to engage students in career preparation and develop their skills! Student success is the focus!

The Career Trail

Career Trail is our new online career development self-directed and interactive program to reach students and alumni 24 hours per day, making accessibility for all at their fingertips.  Career Trail engages faculty and staff by providing a resource including curriculum/assignments that can be used individually or in a classroom setting.  Career Trail engages users with diverse levels of experience.

One of the  aspects of the “Career Trail Prep by Step” program that I am excited about is how a student or alumni can quickly review the steps and determine where they are at in the career preparation process and find the step they are ready to engage in.


Know Yourself!


  • The Career Preparation process begins with getting to Know Yourself, your strengths, values, interests, and personality.  What a great way to start!
  • Know the World of Work is the next step where you can learn about majors, what you can do with your major, and learn about jobs that excite you!
  • Next it is off to Develop Tools and Skills that will prepare you for a job.  Here you learn about building a stand-out resume and developing stellar interviewing skills.
  • Next you Learn How to Connect.  Connecting with others through your network, expanding your network through informational interviewing and using professional social media like LinkedIn can help you learn about opportunities and be ready to act on opportunities when they present.
  • You can even learn how to develop a professional website or blog under Now Keep Going!










Link to Career Trail:  http://oregonstate.edu/career/trail

For more help or information visit us at Career Services|B008 Kerr Administration Building | 541-737-4085 | career.services@oregonstate.edu

Carolyn Killefer serves as an OSU Career Counselor with over 20 years of professional counseling experience in academic, community, private practice, and industry settings with a commitment to helping others with their personal goals.

When a Student Needs Legal or Advocacy Services

ASOSU Student Legal Services is located in Snell 135.
ASOSU Student Legal Services is located in Snell 135.

Many students go through their entire college career without seeking the assistance of the ASOSU Legal or Advocacy services. There are others, however, who find themselves in situations where they are not sure how to proceed.

Perhaps they received an allegation of academic dishonesty or maybe their landlord has kept their security deposit unfairly after they moved. Two student-fee funded offices offer students guidance and support when the student is involved in a dispute either within or outside the university.

Sara Saul, Student Legal Services Assistant, greets students as they come in.
Sara Saul, Student Legal Services Assistant, greets students as they come in.





Student Legal Services can help with landlord tenant issues; personal injury; credit issues including debtor-creditor matters and collections, and bankruptcy consultation; consumer law traffic infractions; criminal charges; wills and powers of attorney; uncontested child custody and uncontested dissolution of marriage cases, including child support determinations; and various miscellaneous matters.

Students can schedule an appointment with SLS by calling 541-737-4165. Their office, located in Snell 135, is open from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

ASOSU Office of Advocacy is located in Snell 133.
ASOSU Office of Advocacy is located in Snell 133.

ASOSU Advocacy was created to assist students experiencing conflict with the university or any of its administrative offices.

The services of the Office of Advocacy include helping students to navigate grade disputes; financial aid issues; academic advising questions; preparing for Student Conduct hearings; appealing allegations of academic dishonesty; assisting INTO students with questions regarding their program; parking issues; matters of discrimination; conflict with UHDS or The Gem; concerns regarding privacy and access to student records; instances of faculty misconduct; questions about tuition, fees and business office charges; and on-campus disputes with Campus Security officers, campus-based Oregon State Police or Corvallis Police Department.

ASOSU Advocacy Intern, Fiona Bai, working at the office.
ASOSU Advocacy Intern, Fiona Bai, working at the office.


The office, which is located in Snell 133, is open from 9-4pm Monday to Friday. You can make an appointment by calling 541-737-9200.

Because your student fees support the operation of these offices, you can access the services without paying additional fees. We look forward to seeing you should you need an advocate.

Patricia works for the students of Oregon State University in the ASOSU Office of Advocacy.  She works to uphold the best interests of students during times of dispute or misunderstanding with the university or any of its administrative units.  

November 7 and 8, 2013 Veteran and Family Student Association Tabling Event

The VFSA is asking for volunteers to help with the Tabling Event being held in the MU Quad on November 7th and 8th. There are various times to choose from and are scheduled in hour increments, but you can volunteer for whatever time is suitable to your schedule. We would like two people per time, but more is possible. We will have table, chairs, flags and handouts for people. This event is to create awareness to veterans on campus that there is a veteran organization and we are here to help. Thank you for helping!



November 8, 2013 Oregon State University Veterans Day Ceremony

Oregon State University Air Force ROTC Detachment 685 asks you to join them in honoring our nation’s veterans. The ceremony will include a mock funeral ceremony with a 21 gun salute, as well as a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Ceremony. Dress is casual.  The event will be held at 10:00 a.m. and in the Oregon State University Memorial Union Quad

Contact:                Armando Kraynick

Phone:                    (503-383-4165)

Email:                      kraynica@onid.orst.edu


November 11, 2013 OSU Womens Basketball Game against CSU Bakersfield dedicated to Veterans.

The Department of Veteran Resources is partnering with the Athletics Department and OSU ROTC Units to honor Veterans.  OSU ROTC Joint Color Guard will be presenting the colors.  OSU Student and Coos County Veteran Service Officer Eric Gleason will be honored on the court for his military service and continued service as a Veteran Advocate.  Game starts at 6:00 p.m. Ticket Information can be obtained at the following website; http://beavertickets.com/.


November 11, 2013 Albany Veterans’ Day Parade

Student Veterans from around the state will be joining Oregon State University Student Veterans to walk in the 2013 Albany Veterans Parade.  Those interested need to show up by 9:30 a.m at the Fred Meyer which is on 2500 Santiam Hwy SE in Albany, Oregon.  Students will then travel from there to their line up spot in the parade by 10:00 a.m. Parade starts at 11:00 a.m. Point of Contact is Aleah Wright.  Her phone number is 503-507-9699.


November 14, 2013 VA Outreach Day at Oregon State University 

Veterans and Family Student Association (VFSA), Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Veterans Taskforce Director, and the Office of Veterans Resources are happy to once again host representatives from the Federal and County VA Programs.  Present will be representatives from the Portland and Roseburg VA Medical Center, Salem and Eugene Vet Centers, and Benton County Veterans Service Office.  The event will be held from 9:00 to 3:00 on Thursday, November 14, 2013 in the Memorial Union Veterans Lounge.  Stop in to talk with these individuals about your VA benefits beyond GI Bill.  Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.


November 15, 2013 Open House Event in Veterans Lounge

Veterans and Family Student Association (VFSA) and the  Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Veterans Taskforce Director are hosting an Open House Event in the Veterans Lounge on November 15, 2013 11:00 to 2:00.  Come and meet your new leaders.  Keynote speaker and guest will be Mr. Victor Kuhns, Director for Vets Helping Vets HQ.  Refreshments and food will be provided.



Happy fall term!


We hope that your fall term has begun well!  We are so excited to be underway with the new academic year.

The leadership of the College Student Services Administration Master’s Program changed this summer and is now under the leadership of Kim McAloney through the Office of the Dean of Student Life and Tom Scheuermann with University Housing and Dining Services. CSSA faculty had multiple planning meetings this summer and are excited for what the future holds for CSSA.

Two new pieces for this year that we are very excited about are WRITE Nights (Thursdays from 4-7pm in Furman 303) where CSSA students can have a designated study space each week and CSSA on Twitter @OSU_CSSA.  We look forward to connecting via these opportunities!

Cohort of fall 2013

This fall, CSSA will be undergoing our 10-year graduate program review. All of our students, faculty and staff affiliated with the program will have an opportunity to participate.  More information on how CSSA students can be involved will be sent via email soon.

Also, in addition to maintaining our on campus program, we are working on the development of a parallel ECampus program.  We will write more about this in our blog near the end of this term.

That’s all our updates for now.  Please let us know if you have questions.


Kim McAloney (kim.mcaloney@oregonstate.edu)

Tom Scheuermann (tom.scheuermann@oregonstate.edu)




Kim McAloney is Coordinator of Student Life Programs in the Office of the Dean of Student Life.  Kim supports the College Student Services Administration masters program, the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program, and supervises interns.