Happy fall term!


We hope that your fall term has begun well!  We are so excited to be underway with the new academic year.

The leadership of the College Student Services Administration Master’s Program changed this summer and is now under the leadership of Kim McAloney through the Office of the Dean of Student Life and Tom Scheuermann with University Housing and Dining Services. CSSA faculty had multiple planning meetings this summer and are excited for what the future holds for CSSA.

Two new pieces for this year that we are very excited about are WRITE Nights (Thursdays from 4-7pm in Furman 303) where CSSA students can have a designated study space each week and CSSA on Twitter @OSU_CSSA.  We look forward to connecting via these opportunities!

Cohort of fall 2013

This fall, CSSA will be undergoing our 10-year graduate program review. All of our students, faculty and staff affiliated with the program will have an opportunity to participate.  More information on how CSSA students can be involved will be sent via email soon.

Also, in addition to maintaining our on campus program, we are working on the development of a parallel ECampus program.  We will write more about this in our blog near the end of this term.

That’s all our updates for now.  Please let us know if you have questions.


Kim McAloney (kim.mcaloney@oregonstate.edu)

Tom Scheuermann (tom.scheuermann@oregonstate.edu)




Kim McAloney is Coordinator of Student Life Programs in the Office of the Dean of Student Life.  Kim supports the College Student Services Administration masters program, the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program, and supervises interns.

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