Fortune’s Best Companies

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What Fortune Companies You Should work for


The Hilton has been shown through employee reviews to be a great place to work. They have almost four stars in diversity, race, gender, minority groups, as well as veterans. They take care of there employees and offer generous benefits to help there employee’s happy. This company is a company that has the same outlooks on a organization as I do, They take care of there employees, and treat everyone equally no matter a persons race, gender, and minority groups.

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software has proved itself in a competitive industry while maintaining a satisfactory employee relations. Ultimate Software is a smaller company in relation to most fortune companies. However, through the reviews that I have read it seems to be a place that it driven through company culture. Having all employees on board and striving to maintain company culture is great for all companies because this allows everyone to be working for a vision they all believe in.


Cisco after reviewing employee reviews seems to be a great company to land yourself at! They strive to have a leadership team that focuses on company culture and their employee’s wellbeing. This is a company that I can learn from and strive to be apart of the HR management core. The reason for this because they care about their employees and make sure their leadership team is leading a great example for staff as well making sure that the companies product aligns with their morals and culture.


Stryker is a great company to work for. I was personally looking into this company as I wanted to pursue medical sales after college. Their HR team is nothing shy of spectacular. They run a tight knit team where everyone is striving towards the same goal while making sure there employee’s are satisfied. I believe the biggest thing in HR is to make sure everyone is happy from the top of the employee chain all the way down and that’s exactly what Stryker does.