Remember, the OSU Libraries are changing to a new library system this month. On Sunday, November 30, there will be an account freeze for the transition. This means that online accounts and catalog items may not be updated.

If you will need research materials over Thanksgiving break, make things easier for yourself and the librarians by coming in to check out your materials before Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 27.

More information about the change is available.  Please ask them for help by phone, on chat or in person.

Are you interested in having a voice on campus? Are there accessibility needs that you feel aren’t being met? If so, the ASOSU Director of Accessibility Affairs is forming a task force of students who want to advocate for accessibility on campus. Meetings will be held every other Monday at 4:30pm in Snell 149, or, contact Jonathan Goatcher at for more information.

On Monday, November 10,at 7:00 pm in the MU Journey Room, the School of History, Philosophy & Religion will host a lecture on approaches to disability as part of their “Ideas Matter” lecture series.

Hector Avalos
Dr. Hector Avalos, Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University, will lecture on Monday, Nov. 10, in the MU Journey room at OSU

Dr. Hector Avalos, Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University, will lecture on his research, “Approaches to Disability: Redemptionism, Rejectionism, and Historicism.”

Information about the Ideas Matter lecture series can be found on the School of History, Philosophy and Religion website.

For accommodation related to disability, please contact Robert Peckyno at 541-737-8560 or at

If you receive Priority Registration as one of your accommodations with DAS, please remember to schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to receive your PIN. Undergraduate students who are registered with DAS will no longer receive a registration PIN via email – you must meet with your academic advisor to receive your pin.

Graduate, Post-Bacc and Non-Degree Seeking students will receive their registration PINs via email.

DAS Priority registration begins Friday, November 14 at 6:00 AM.

If you are eligible for priority registration, please meet with your advisor before Friday, November 14.

Not sure if you receive priority registration? Log in to DAS Online Services to check your eligibility.

If you have questions, you can contact the DAS office at 541-737-4098 or by email at

If you didn’t get the email, here’s one more reminder – the Bender Virtual Career Fair, a job-hunting opportunity for people with disabilities (and FREE for college students & alumni) will be hosted online on Thursday, November 13, 2014. Links and additional information can be found in the message below.



Bender Virtual Career Fair – Employment for People with Disabilities – November 13, 2014
Learn More at

Are you a person with a disability…looking for a career opportunity or internship?

This Virtual Career Fair is FREE for students and alumni with disabilities to attend.

Great opportunity for College Students & College Grads with disabilities to meet online with employers across the nation including American Transmission Co.,
ANSYS, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Enterprise Holdings, Epic, Genentech, KLA-Tencor, Lexmark, Verizon, & other Excellent Employers!

Students and alumni are invited to interact with employers via chat sessions.
Upload resume for a chance to win a $50 iTunes Gift Card

Access opportunities within a wide range of careers. •Chat with employers across the nation•Public and private sector opportunities

Participate from the comfort of your home, your dorm room or your favorite coffee shop! •Discuss careers and internships with multiple employers
•End-to-end accessible technology platform

Save time and money. •No business suit or travel required•No printed out resumes necessary

Register at

Virtual Career Fair Date: Nov. 13, 2014

For information: or 770.980.0088

The American Association on Health & Disability (AAHD) has posted their scholarship information for 2014-2015.

Applications must be submitted by November 15, 2014 in order to qualify. Visit their website for more information. Other scholarship sponsors are beginning to post information and applications, so now is the time to start applying. Visit the DAS scholarship page for some ideas

Summer internship applications are also opening up – if you’re interested in getting an internship this summer, it’s time to start looking!

Are you interested in learning about social justice here at OSU? The Intercultural Student Services office, in cooperation with other offices within the Division of Student Affairs, has started registration for Winter term social justice retreats. Both are detailed below. Please visit the ISS Retreats page for further information.

There will also be an information session for students to learn more about the retreats on Thursday, November 20th from 12:00 to 1:00 pm in MU 208.


Racial Aikido Retreat

Racial Aikido seeks to empower Students of Color at predominantly White institutions (PWI) using the principles of aikido to recognize, respond, and replenish. Originally created at the University of Vermont, Racial Aikido acknowledges that People of Color may be ill prepared to deal with issues of race and racism as it affects them personally. Racial Aikido promotes tools for People of Color to maintain a positive self-image and be able to respond to overt and covert racism. By the conclusion of the retreat students will have a better understanding of White privilege, in-group and internalized oppression, identity development models, and be more self-aware of their multiple identities. Students will learn by active participation how to recognize racism, respond to racism in a self-affirming and positive manner that is appropriate for the situation, and replenish by taking care of their needs in order to maintain a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual self. This year’s retreat will be the weekend of January 9-11, 2015 at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OR.


Examining White Identity in a Multicultural World Retreat

The Examining White Identity (EWI) retreat focuses on White identity development, White privilege, and oppression in both personal and institutional contexts, and introduces strategies to dismantle oppressive systems. We will look atways that understanding these issues will help us address White privilege and oppression in ourselves and with other White people and become better allies for social justice.  This year’s retreat will be the weekend of January 9-11, 2015 at the B’nai B’rith Camp near Lincoln City, OR.


If you have any questions about either of these retreats, or need to request accommodations, please contact Miguel Arellano at or 541-737-9857


To learn more about the retreats or to apply for a retreat please go to Web address:

Are you interested in BioMedical programs for graduate school? You now can visit with representatives from programs around the country by participating in a free online grad school fair for students with disabilities.

Presented by BioGAP and provided through the online virtual career fair service, CareerEco, the BioMedical Sciences Grad School fair will be held Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

For additional information or to register, please visit their website. They have also provided a list of schools that will be attending under the “Students/Alumni: Learn More” link.

Disability Access Services is rolling out new testing features for Fall 2014. We have simplified the Testing accommodation process for our students, and streamlined it for our faculty as well.

Students request alternative testing accommodations the same way they always have. After the students’ requests are approved, faculty will receive a Notification of Academic Accommodations email with a link to submit an Alternative Testing Agreement.

The Alternative Testing Agreement identifies all of the information that students, faculty and DAS need to know about administering testing accommodations – whether the faculty member or DAS will be proctoring the exam and providing the accommodations, where the exam will be taken, and what the exam instructions are. This agreement only needs to be filled out once per class – it will automatically be copied to any other students requesting testing accommodations in the class.

This Agreement replaces the Testing Contract, which students & faculty used to fill out together. This new process eliminates one step for students and simplifies it for the faculty, who no longer have to fill out individual contracts for each of their DAS students.

For additional details about the new process, and a full explanation of the student & faculty responsibilities and expectations, please visit our DAS Student Handbook chapter on Alternative Testing, or the DAS Faculty Guidelines.

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact, or call the main DAS office at 541-737-4098.