The Office of the Dean of Student Life is pleased to invite you to the 2012 Interfaith Community Service (IFCS) Conference taking place on Saturday, January 21 in the Memorial Union. The IFCS Initiative at Oregon State University (OSU) aspires to initiate meaningful dialogue between religious and nonreligious individuals, bringing together students from all walks of life under the common umbrella of community service. This conference will provide an open forum for students to engage with one another and share how their beliefs and values influence their decisions in life.

We hope to foster rich, eye-opening conversations through several service projects, followed by lunch and a debrief activity. Afterwords, we will host several round-table discussions and informational sessions for students that will encourage personal reflection and civil discourse with one another on topics tied to the value of service, personal meaning, and diverse religious/spiritual beliefs and practices. We will conclude our time together with a reception and keynote speaker.

The conference is free, and morning snacks and lunch will be provided!

Register now at

Additional information, including a formal schedule, will be made available in the near future. If you have any questions, please contact Nicholas Martin or Hannah Pynn at the following email addresses:

Register for the Shattering Mental Health-isms: Building Inclusive Communities Workshop & explore how mental illness interfaces with the cycle of oppression. This workshop is for students, faculty, and staff. Thursday, December 15th, 9 am – 12-noon in the MU Journey Room.

Registration appreciated

Accommodations related to disability may be made by contacting Michele at 541.737.2131 or Jodi Nelson at 541.737.0715 no less than one week prior to the event.Sponsored and facilitated by members of the OSU Campus Coalition Builders and the OSU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Be prepared this Winter by signing up for OSU’s Campus Alert at

Information about University closures will be posted:

  1. On the University’s OSU Campus Alert website at  Announcements of closures or curtailments will typically also be noted on the OSU home web page,, with a headline linking readers to the OSU Campus Alert home web page.
  2. Online via the FlashAlert Newswire at  On the map, click on a city in the Willamette Valley, then “Public Colleges & Universities” and choose Oregon State University to see any current information or new announcements.
  3. The OSU Department of Public Safety/Oregon State Police Emergency Status Information Phone provides current information about weather alerts and closures as well as campus emergencies.  The recorded phone message will report the status of campus (open or closed) and information related to the emergency or closure situation.  You may access this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing 541-737-8000.

The new Emerging Leaders Course, designed for students new to leadership, aims to accomplish the following goals:

• Assist students in personal and professional development;

• Introduce students to different leadership styles and leadership identity development;

• Present opportunities for students to learn about and reflect on their personal leadership style, communication
style, talents, strengths and goals; and

• Provide a foundation for participation in future student leadership opportunities, internships, and other professional development.

Registration information: Emerging Leaders, AHE 499, CRN 38642, 2 credits, Wednesdays, 4-5:50pm, Instructor – Melissa Yamamoto

Get involved in one of the following events through the Center for Civic Engagement…

Linn Benton Food Share Food Packing Service Project
Tuesday November 15th, 4:30-7:30pm

The service project will run 5-7pm. Vans will leave campus at 4:30pm from the MU and return at 7:30pm to the MU. RSVP for this service project to Please denote if you need transportation. This project has a capacity of 50 volunteers so register today!

Faces of Homelessness Panel

Wednesday November 16th, 7-8:30pm, MU 109 Hear about homelessness issues from local experts and learn about Benton County’s 10 year plan to eliminate homelessness from Benton County Commissioner Jay Dixon! Bring a can of food to the event if possible. Food donations will be made to the OSU food pantry.

Toiletry Donation Drive

November 7th to November 18th

Boxes located at the MU Info Desk, MU Java Stop, Dixon, Snell, and the Valley Library (outside Java II).

Toiletries including non-alcoholic mouthwash, toothpaste, disposable razors, deodorants
shaving cream, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, lotion, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, dental floss, hand sanitizer will be collected. Donations will be donated to Community Outreach, Inc. Donations should be unused and unopened.

For more information about how to get engaged and make a difference in the Corvallis area, contact the CCE at, 541.737.3041, or visit Snell 158

A message for the OSU community from Dr Tracy Bentley-Townlin, Associate Dean for Student Life & Director of Disability Access Services.

As we move towards Halloween, I want to remind our community of OSU’s commitment to diversity: “OSU understands diversity is essential to excellence and therefore commits itself to integrating core institutional values of diversity, integrity, respect, social responsibility, and accountability into every dimension of the University’s life (

As you engage in activities deemed to recognize Halloween, I encourage you to be mindful of how you celebrate and whether or not your costume selection is harmful to others. One example of what is meant by being harmful to others can be found at Ohio State University which has initiated the campaign, “We’re a culture, not a costume,” which can be found here:

As with all social and academic activities, please respect each other, our community and have a safe Halloween weekend.

Of the 15  million children growing up in poverty, only 8% will ever graduate from college. That’s ~14 million children missing out on the opportunities they deserve. Join the thousands of others working to combat this inequality with just a resume and a 500 word essay.

Click here to view the application:

See the impact you can have here:

Benefits include:

  • Full salary and benefits ranging from $30,000-$52,000 (depending on region/cost of living)
  • Two year deferral/forbearance on loans
  • AmeriCorps Education Award of $10,700 over two years
  • Preferred living location, subject area, and grade level for all our teachers
  • Graduate school and employer partnerships
  • We accept ALL academic backgrounds and majors

Benefits of Applying early:

  • Increased chances at receiving preferred regional, subject, and grade level placement (though positions continue to remain open at our last deadline)
  • Acceptance and job notification by November (peace of mind!)
  • Receive full funding for transitional loans and grants (up to $6,000)

To learn more, visit or contact Tony Emerson at




The Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) will be holding on-campus interviews Friday Nov 4, for PAID Summer Jobs in 2012. Many positions lead to permanent employment upon graduation. Open to all majors and levels, freshmen through graduates!

The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP) is a recruitment and referral program that connects public and private sector employers nationwide with highly motivated postsecondary students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs. Employers include agencies such as Departments of Defense, Labor, Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Interior, State, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs; the Social Security Administration; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; the Farm Credit Administration, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Many (but not all) positions are outside of Oregon.

Sign up now for an interview if you meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • have a disability, and
  • are a U.S. citizen, and
  • are enrolled full-time at OSU (unless reduced course load is authorized as a disability-related accommodation) OR you graduated since Fall 2010.

This opportunity is only available to students and recent graduates with disabilities! Hurry, interview spaces are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. For application materials and to sign up for an interview, contact Karen Hanson in the DAS office at (541) 737-8582 (voice) or (email).

There are many opportunities to go abroad to live, work, and study. Check out the Global Opportunities Fair this Thursday!

Global Opportunities Fair
Thursday, Oct 6, 10am-2pm
MU Ballroom
Come learn about study abroad options, international internships, the International Degree and OSU international student organizations!

Accommodation requests can be made to Lillian Read at

For more information about accommodations and studying abroad for students with disabilities check out these resources:

International Programs at OSU:
Mobility International USA:

Research has found that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy. Further, when the issues involve relationships, group therapy is often more effective, because members can practice new ways of interacting and relating with their peers in the group.

Please call CAPS at 541.737.2131 to set up an introductory appointment to see if the group you are interested in is right for you.

Understanding Self and Others

Come join a safe and energizing group of your peers. Together, you will learn about yourself and better understand your relationships.

Group 1: Thursdays, 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Contact Brett or Isaac.

Group 2: Tuesdays, 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Contact Michele.

Understanding Self and Others: for Non-traditional & Graduate Students

Group for graduate and non-traditional students to process their experiences at OSU.

Women: Wednesdays, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Contact AJ.

Co-ed: TBD. Contact Marcey.

Enhancing Career Decision Making Through a Holistic Model

A 3-week workshop series. $28 fee for formal assessments.

Meets in the Career Services office. Contact Kyle Cassady.

November 1st, 8th, and 15th. 11:30am to 1:00pm.

Contact Career Services at 737-4085 to sign up.

Managing ADHD: Strategies & Support

An educational/support group that assists students in managing difficulties

with time planning, disorganization, procrastination and distractibility.

TBD ASC Waldo 114A. Contact Salaheddine.

Interpersonal Skills & Strategies

Do you feel shy and inhibited in your interactions with peers?  This group helps with building self-confidence and learning how to connect with peers.

Thursdays, 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Contact Michele (CAPS) or Jo (DAS).

Grief and Loss Support Group

Supportive forum for dealing with the emotional impact of a major loss.

Thursdays, 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Contact Beth W. or Salaheddine.

Gay Men’s Support

This is a group for any men along the sexuality spectrum that would like to support one another and create community.  We will address issues like coming out, relationships, staying healthy, substance abuse and dependence, and support within a hetero-centric culture.

Thursdays, 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Contact Jim.

Bites with Beth

Beth Wasylow, PhD is a licensed psychologist at CAPS and identifies as a lesbian. Please consider joining Beth and others at the kitchen table at the Pride Center on Avenue A to explore, discuss and share our development as members of the LGBTQQIA community. Dessert will be provided at this 90 minute drop-in bimonthly gathering – bring your brown bag lunch.

Meets at the Pride Center, Thursdays, 11:30am to 1:00pm.

Meets during week 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 of the term. Contact Beth W.

•This recurring event is not eligible or meant to meet class requirements for either enrichment or credit.

Women and Body Image

This four session group for women will focus on improving body image.

Tuesdays, 4:00pm to 5:15pm.

November 8, 2011 to November 29, 2011.  Contact Mariette.

Women, Food, and Self-Esteem

Helps women with bulimia make progress toward recovery.

Begins Winter Term, Time TBD. Contact Mariette.

Women’s Empowerment

Offers support for women who have experienced sexual assault or abuse in their lives.

TBD. Contact Linda or Audrey.

Mind/Body Health for Graduate Women

What challenges do we face in accepting and loving ourselves as women? Come and share what it’s like to be a woman and learn how to balance your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The group will meet on Mondays for one hour of sharing/discussion and then on Wednesdays for one hour of yoga.

Meets at the Dixon Recreation Center.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Contact Michele (Inquire at CAPS); Kate Bridges will lead the yoga.

Mind Over Mood

Learn different ways to manage your anxiety and/or depression through cognitive behavioral strategies and mindfulness.

Wednesdays, 3:00pm to 4:30pm.

Starts October 12th (meets for four weeks) and

November 9th (meets for four weeks). Contact Lilia.


Mindfulness is an ancient meditation practice that facilitates calm, peace and balance in one’s life. The mindfulness group is a beginning group but will fit for all levels of practitioners. The goal of the group is to provide a space and time to learn and practice mindfulness.

Meets at CAPS, Fridays, 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Contact Jim.

SMART Recovery

This is a support group for those individuals who are wanting to stop or cut down on their habits that may be getting in the way of their plans, goals, and aspirations.  The group will be a safe place to explore, talk, and redesign our strategies to thrive.  This group avoids labels and is an alternative to 12-step programs.

CO-ED: Mondays, 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Contact Jim

DBT Skills

If you struggle with managing your emotions, have chaos in your relationships, or often find yourself engaging in impulsive behaviors, the Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills group is a place where you can learn new skills to build a life worth living. Members of the DBT skills group will learn and practice mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills.

Thursdays, 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Contact Diana Ali

International Student Circle

A group/workshop series for students dealing with experiences of adjusting to life in the U.S. and at OSU.  Begins Tuesday, October 11th.

Meets in the International Resource Center, Memorial Union.

Tuesdays, 5:00pm-6:00pm. Contact Salaheddine.

Group meets for six weeks, beginning the third week of the term.