The National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) is asking for participants in a survey on disability and employment.

Follow this link to take the survey.

The survey takes about 10 minutes, you can opt-in for a chance to win $500.

From NCIL: “The survey questions are well designed and have the power to shape debate about disability policy. Power and control of policies can be ours for the taking, but we need a very large sample size and strong participation from the grassroots disability community to ensure that the results are valid.

“The results of this poll will be shared with the White House, all 50 Governors, top media, disability groups, and more!

“Anything that you can do to engage a broad range of stakeholders to fill out the survey would be greatly appreciated. Please share the survey with your Twitter, Facebook and email followers.

“The results of each individual will be confidential, but the overall results will be made public.

“For further information, please contact Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi at or 202-365-0787.”

Visit for more information about the National Council on Independent Living.

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