Oregon State University and Opsis Architecture will be conducting an accessibility workshop about the upcoming New Classroom Building, on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 from 4pm to 5pm in the Memorial Union room 208. We welcome and value your participation.

The accessibility workshop is a design workshop/brainstorming session meant to focus on the specific challenge of access, and will set the project on a course to meet and exceed accessibility goals. It will help transform the project from a static, complex issue to a successful, buildable plan. Oregon State University is committed to holding accessibility workshops for all major capital projects.

We expect roughly 15-20 participants that will consider the following topics during the session:
1. Define current conditions and OSU project expectations
2. Establish principals and goals for access, universal design and overall inclusiveness
3. Identify specific features for access

The workshop will engage the group in interactive discussions regarding the feasibility of implementing the topics and specific features discussed. In addition, the workshop participants will explore the opportunities and obstacles inherent in these strategies and decide what strategies and approaches would work best for the proposed project. The overall goal is for this project to be a model of excellence in accessible new construction at OSU.

We realize that this meeting calls for a commitment of time from already busy schedules; however, your insights are greatly needed and we hope you will consider joining in this effort as an important investment in our campus. If you cannot attend, please recommend others who can take your place. Also, please advise if we should invite anyone else.

Should you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to call Larrie Easterly, Project Manager for Facilities Services, at 541.230.0802 or by email at larrie.easterly@oregonstate.edu.

You are welcome to come at any time, but if possible, please RSVP by May 16, 2012 by contacting Gabriel Merrell by phone 541.737.3671 or email (gabriel.merrell@oregonstate.edu) to ensure we have scheduled a large enough space.

If you cannot attend you are welcome to submit comments to Gabriel Merrell. Please do so by the day of the event, so your comments can be incorporated into the conversation.


Larrie Easterly, Gabriel Merrell & Opsis Architecture

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