Calling all students and other interested groups! We want your feedback!

Disability Access Services is collaborating with Facilities Services to purchase furniture for many of our classrooms on-campus. The purpose of this purchase is to make our classrooms more accessible to students with disabilities. Additionally, in the spirit of universal design, we hope that this furniture will provide additional seating options for students who need them because of a temporary injury, condition, pregnancy, etc.  We will be placing signs on the furniture, which will indicate that the seating is preferred for persons with disabilities (much like the language you see in public transportation).

Back in 2009, DAS solicited student feedback about lumbar support chairs. Given the feedback from 2009, we decided to explore the possibility of using a similar chair. We have been working with multiple vendors and have narrowed it down to the chairs and table you will see in the pictures below. Please use the “Leave a Reply” box below to post your feedback or contact us directly at

Come sit in our sample chair! DAS is located in A200 Kerr Administration Building.

We will be placing an order soon, so please provide your feedback by Friday, May 20th.

Lumbar Support Chair with Arms
Lumbar Support Chair with Arms
Lumbar Support Chair with No Arms
Lumbar Support Chair with No Arms
Crank Height Adjustable Table
Adjustable Table, 18" deep by 45" wide, adjustable from 27"-45"
Crank Height Adjustable Table
Full view of table, which will have a crank to adjust the height on the table.

9 thoughts on “Accessible Furniture Purchase Feedback

  1. The chairs look comfortable and the tables will be easy for everyone to use, tall and short people.

  2. I appreciated your post. Seeing the provision you are making is wonderful. I hope it is working well for you all. It is always rewarding to help those who are less able for one reason or another.

  3. Great designs here. The adjustable table is the best to me. I use to hate sitting down at a table and my knees hitting the underside of the table.


  4. The chairs look really comfortable! I read the whole article intently which is a big deal, normally I get side tracked and head over to facebook or twitter, haha 🙂

    Thanks for such a great high quality article, keep up the good work!

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