Students with Dyslexia
An informal group of students of all ages and majors who get together once a week or once every other week for support.The meetings vary from to grabbing lunch going bowling or other fun activities. The group also is attempting to meet with professors who have dyslexia and talking with them about navigating graduate school with a disability. Students who are interested should e-mail for more information.

Wheelchair Basketball

OSU’s wheelchair basketball team currently practices Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 to 10 p.m. and is open to non-wheelchair users as well. For more information contact: Kerri at:

Check out a recent Barometer article about the club here.

Allies for Active Minds

Join the new online community designed by and for OSU staff and faculty who support friends and loved ones around mental health wellness. Visit the Allies for Active Minds website for more information.

Do you have a group or event you would like to see featured in this blog or for DAS students? E-mail information to:

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