Getting an idea for a lesson plan

Narrowing down my ideas to lessons that are simple, fuel curiosity, and can include relatable stories led me to create a list of potential lessons with the Optron Mini.

Some ideas included:

  • How LED lights work and relating them to the Optron Mini with its LED lights.
  • What an IMU and electronic gyro is and how it works, relating it to math topics such as the X, Y, and Z-axis.
  • An introduction to music and notes through the changing colors of the Optron Mini that correspond to the notes played.
  • Examining how the Optron Mini is constructed and coming up with ways that the instrument could be more efficient to fuel curiosity.

Oregon Department of Eduation Learning Standards

The Oregon Department of Education Standards helped me pick out which idea I wanted to go with. The engineering and technology cluster section fits best with what I want to teach with the Optron Mini. Below is a file that includes the learning objectives I looked into.

These are some of the standards that gave me ideas on what I want my lesson to cover:

EN08.01.05: Develop an understanding of how software is used as a tool to aid in the solution and then the communication of a project.

EN09.09.01: Understand the role creativity plays in the design process.

ENES09: Communicate using symbols, measurements, conventions, icons, and graphic images.

ENES03.01.09: Understand fundamentals of electronic circuit and device concepts.

ENES09.01.02: Use graphical symbols on electronics drawings, diagrams, and charts.

Choosing what to write my lesson plan about

I’m choosing to write about what an IMU is and how the IMU on the Optron Mini can be related to mathematics and technology.

An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is a system that measures linear and angular motion, sometimes with gyroscopes and accelerometers. The accelerometers sense and react to changes in velocity, and gyroscopes react to changes in orientation.

How does an IMU relate to the Optron Mini?

The Optron Mini contains a 6-DoF IMU breakout board. This IMU board can tell you which way is down through measuring gravity, measure spin and twist through the 3 axes, and measure how fast the board is accelerating.

On the Max 8 application, you can see the various motion measurements that the IMU board is sensing.

In the Accessing Sensor Control window under the Optron Basic Tutorials menu is a key on what the measurements mean.