The relationship between STEM and the arts

Both artists and scientists are driven to observe and create. This is shown through the historical coexistence of science and art. The successful integration of art and science was prominent during the Renaissance era. Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, engineer, botanist, and scientist. Before cameras, detailed sketches of plants, human anatomy, and stars were a method of communicating their observations with the world. 

When people of different specialties are able to work and learn from each other, collaboration succeeds. Whether it’s using scientific data to create art or using art as a tool to help make sense of STEM questions, the idea of integrating art and STEM is still just as relevant today. 

Examples of careers in STEAM

Architecture has a deep connection to art by connecting graphics and drawings to engineering.

Medical illustrators connect medicine, science, communication and media technology by creating detailed drawings for textbooks and other publications used by those in the medical field.

Sound Engineering includes using the technical side of recording by editing, mixing, and mastering a recording or live performance combined with the creativity of music.

Every career and discipline in art and STEM overlap with one another. This is why teaching through STEAM is essential.

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