An interview with Cyra Sadowl

Cyra Sadowl began her career in education as a school teacher, then later went on to become a school librarian. Realizing that there was a big challenge in the parameters of formal education, she was ready for a meaningful change. That mixed with her having a passion for guiding students toward the resources they need to find their paths in life led her to meet somebody who was developing a nonprofit based in aerospace education. They teamed up and formed the nonprofit VECTORS.

VECTORS was acquired by Airway Science for Kids in 2020. Sadowl currently works as the education director for Airway Science for Kids. There she works with multi-age education, integrated and differentiated learning, and project-based program development. Sadowl also goes into the classrooms at Airway Science for Kids and teaches some of their fifth-grade students. 

I really enjoyed having a conversation with her, learning more about what she does, and talking about the importance of STEAM education. A piece of advice she had for anybody going into the education field is to not forget your purpose. Teaching can be a hard thankless job, and it’s easy to get sidetracked in day-to-day activities. It’s always important to constantly remember that you are working to benefit the lives of children and do not work too hard about the wrong things. A way she recommended to combat this is to find your people and support network and develop a connection with them.

There are many underrepresented students who aren’t aware of what all of their options are for a career. Sadowl brought up how one of the biggest missions in her career is to help kids figure out what they’re interested in by letting them explore all of the options that are out there. She is successful in this. and it is shown by all of the work she has done in the classroom and beyond.

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