Airway Science for Kids

Bob Strickland, a retired Air Force veteran, founded Airway Science for Kids in 1992 to teach at-risk boys and girls to fly airplanes via computer simulator in his garage. By teaching them how to fly and develop airplanes, Strickland was able to have the students learning math and science, reading, and study skills. Airway Science for Kids is currently a nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. The areas of focus of Airway Science for Kids are Space, Science/Aerospace/Rocketry, Robotics, Invention Education, General Science, and Technology. They are able to teach these through their four levels of programs offered. 

All of the programs at Airway Science for Kids involve teaching critical thinking, problem solving, and creative and collaborative skills. Their main mission is to serve those who have been historically and systemically excluded in STEM fields of aviation. By engaging youth of color and youth who are living on low-incomes through their programs, they are working on closing the opportunity gap for under-served children.

Take Flight is their elementary school level program. Currently, instructors are meeting virtually with fifth-grade classes and teaching science curriculum through 6 project-based modules.

InFlight is their middle school level program. This involves an afterschool program that teaches STEAM topics through flight simulators, the Kerbal space program, robotics, drones, and model plane flying.

TeenFlight is their high school level program. In this program, they collaborate to build a VANS RV-12 airplane. Afterward, they get to fly it. TeenFlight teaches students base knowledge that gets them ready for a career, such as learning how to read diagrams and learning the electronics side of aviation.

Lastly, there is a program made for anybody aged 14-21 who is behind in credits or struggling with school formats. 

You can find more information regarding Airway Science for Kids at their website.

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